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A Gravatar is an "avatar" image that follows you from site to site when you do things like blog or comment on blogs.

Creating a gravatar associated with all of your Wordpress comments is very important as it adds credibility and humanizes not just the comments you post on your website, but the comments that you post on others' websites. This leads to a better, more interactive and trustworthy discussion.

To create a gravatar, it is a very easy process. You simply go to and set-up an account.


**Do know that you can only have one gravatar per email address, so if you want multiple gravatar accounts you will need to use unique email addresses that are not registered within the platform.

In this video I am going to walk you through the following:

  • Creating a account
  • Adding an image to your gravatar account
  • How to test your gravatar live
  • Associating a gravatar with a user in Wordpress.
  • Adding a gravatar to the SiteComments platform

Note, if you are wanted to add a brand new User to Wordpress, you can follow this training which will walk you through the process;

===> How to Create a New User in Wordpress

If you have any questions about how gravatars work, how to set them up or anything discussed in this video, please leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out. :)

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LaurenSimons Premium
Ok so I filled out the login and I used my site specific email for my site, will that work? I have it forwarded to another gmail account as well. I have yet to received the confirmation email.

Or will I have to create the account with a different email?
peteredw1 Premium
No Lauren you will not need to create another account, to set this up. What you do need to do though is make sure you register your email address within Gravatar Word Press site.

After you do that, you will just need to verify your email address that your associating your new Gravatar Image with.

Tessasue90 Premium
I tried creating a Gravatar account with my website email address and I never received my verification email. To make sure it was working I tried emailing my website email address and that never went through either! I have my website email forwarded to my regular email address so I unforwarded it and reforwarded it and tried again. Still no luck. Help me please!
SayBa77 Premium
Hi Tessa,

I had the same issue and I sent an email to Kyle, here is his response:

Hope this helps,

'I would try creating another gravatar with a new email address. Gravatar (which is owned by Wordpress) is infamous for low delivery rates with their verification emails.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to try to reverify and what I recommend is that you create a brand new account under a new email address. I have had to do this a number of times over the years.'
StinaP Premium
Tessasue90 I have the same issue, and I have tried two different email accounts. Have you get an explanation to this yet? I'm thinking that it might be the email forward that doesn't work..?
Mirarentz Premium
Hey guys!
The activation email isn't showing up in my email account. I've checked my spam folder and tried to resend the email, but it's still not there.
I used my domain email address, but I hadn't connected it to my gmail yet. I have done it now, and I know it works, but when I click resend the confirmation email, it still doesn't show up. Anyone who knows what the problem is?
I appreciate the help,
StinaP Premium
The same issue for me Mira..:(
Mirarentz Premium
I used another mail address and it worked ;-)
BD1275 Premium
Want to know guys who already have all the knowledge must have forgotten where you came from...we are training...are following along but getting frustrated...are computer illiterate...etc.etc.etc..I thought that was live chats we could ask questions and find our way cause contrary to popular belief...not everyone learns the same way...yes you guys have businesses...where did you learn employee or trainee training skills from..Im just saying let me get back to real life stuff.
DavidLYancy Premium
What does everyone's page look like, here 's mine (still under construction)" " and add allot sense being here. i know more than some my father being a "Computer-Specialist" Hey! There's no-one out there giving pointers, or any type of criticism? Is It to-many of us, or What? We are here to learn, build, and create now, being social is good, but doing something together is always BETTER! " We Are TEAM!!!"
DavidLYancy Premium
Now back to why my "Gravatar" is not submitting?
Donnolan Premium
WOWSER! Guys I'm still a newbie, a month....everyday I'm building my site, lessons, dashboard, chats, discussion, live webinars, etc...I am very surprised to see all these negative comments. I am not going to do this aspect until, the issues are corrected. Likewise, if you can...ask Kyle and Carson to look into this issue and move on to the million other things we need to focus on here. DO NOT let this build a wall or get us struck. This is the most wonderful opportunity in which I have ever participated. So, 1 outside source/activity has a glitch, WA will fix it for us, remember Rome. WE are building our futures here, today. Mom always said patience is a virtue. Sorry for all your frustration, I am confident it will be resolved quickly.
keep smilin
nevrob Premium
I am wondering where have I been hiding ,I am in this business 6 weeks now and have yet to hear any negative comments.Yes people do call in to ask questions but all have been positive so far and I am just loving it here and plan to do very well in this business.Stay positive and success to you in this platform.