Place Anchor Text Link on Review Page for each product

The second step is to identify the spot on the page where a product review begins and place an anchor there. That is the spot you want the reader to jump to read about that product.

  • Go to your dashboard and click on pages.
  • Select the page to which you added the sub-menu link and Click the Edit box.
  • Go to text mode.
  • Locate the spot on the page where you want to place the anchor text.
  • Enter : <a name=”Anchor”></a> (If you want to jump to the start of a section, you should place the anchor text in front of the section header).
  • Click “Update” to save the changes to your website.
  • Click on “View Page”
  • Click on the Parent menu and you will see the new drop down Product1 item you created earlier. Click on it to read the review.

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SPPT Premium
does it matter if you set the menu structure/layout up first beofre creating the links??? as i am having trouble getting my links to work???
paulwiekel Premium
Doesn't matter. I always set the menu structure first and put a # in the link field. This nulls the link until can find a page to point it to. :) I find that with the menu there, even if the links are duds, it helps me see the site hierarchy better.
arcormack Premium
Thank you, nice and simple.
Bryced19 Premium
Thank you.
Star4U Premium
Super helpful.THX!!!
Zeph23 Premium
Thanks, it helped a lot. I just created a drop down menu of my website
Bryced19 Premium
You are welcome. I am glad it helped.
zoeccess Premium
Hi, thank you for the training. I got new lesson here. gotta try it now :)
Bryced19 Premium
Thank you. Let me know how you made out.