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Want to know how to create a clickable table of contents? It’s quite easy, and here I will show you how.

Having a table of contents that you can click is very useful if you have written a long article. It enables your readers to jump straight to a section they are most interested in. This significantly improves the user experience. It can also give you another opportunity to mention additional keywords as part of your content.

All you need to do is the following:

1. Create your list of contents as a bulleted list.

2. Click the “Text” tab in WordPress to go into the HTML code.

3. Before each section you want to link to, place the following code, replacing “ChapterName” with a unique word which identifies that particular section:

<a name="ChapterName"></a>

4. Switch back to the “Visual” tab in WordPress.

5. For each line in your table of contents, highlight the line, click the Insert Link icon, and enter #ChapterName as the URL of the link, where ChapterName is the unique word you put in the code for each section.

Optional: If your article is particularly long, you may also want to add a "Back to the Top" link after each section. You can do that in the same way by having <a name="top"></a> at the very start of your HTML code and then linking to #top from wherever you want the link.

That’s it! Now you know how to create a clickable table of contents, and you can make your articles easier to navigate.
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AHohaia Premium
Bookmarked! Thanks for the training Marcus!
Cheers Anke
Marcus1978 Premium
You're welcome Anke
startouched Premium
Thanks for sharing this information!
Marcus1978 Premium
You're welcome Kathy
swhittington Premium
great information! thanks so much!
Marcus1978 Premium
You're welcome!
halinphilly Premium
Very helpful, Marcus. The only thing I would add is a "back top top" code at intervals if an article requires one to scroll very far down the page.
Marcus1978 Premium
Yes, that's a good point, thanks. I will add that as an additional note in the text.
Gordon-D Premium
Nice one Marcus :-)
Marcus1978 Premium
Thanks Gordon.