Hi there,

I have seen some people struggling to get in touch with the Site Support Team.

Just now, a member was frustrated by an issue and said the Site Support ticketing didn't work. What actually happened is that she couldn't get through because she didn't know how...

I know it can get really frustrated when you are facing problems and you just don't seem to find a solution.

That's why I decided to create this easy to follow '4-steps training' to help anyone in need to get in touch with our fabulous Support team!

Also because they recently helped me out with an issue and I wanted to thank them for the quick fix of it :)

You can contact Support for any problem or issue related to your website!

  • If you're website is down
  • If you are facing an issue with plugins
  • If your problem is theme related
  • Speed issues on your website
  • Login ( password, credentials,...)
  • Other issues related to your website and your website only! *
* For any question related to the WA platform you can use the activity dashboard or live chat

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HelenpDoyle Premium
Angel, sounds good but my problem is that when I comment via the Site comments, several of my comments have been approved but they don't show up on the site I commented on.

There nowhere is a facility to ask the powers that be about problems on another website (if in fact this is what my problem ends up being.

I have gone down the path you mention plus a couple of others and I get answers but not what I need.

AngelBcn Premium
Hi Helen,

Have you received your credits for the comments?
If yes, I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe the person has approved your comment but waits to publish it.
If it doesn't show up on their website for some reason but you received the credits for your comment, then I would say it's up to them to check out this issue since it doesn't really concern you anymore at that point.

I hope this helps?
HelenpDoyle Premium
Well you have said what I think and it's the best answer so far. The aim is to gain credits. I have a 99% approval. So it's up to them.

I make sure I give in depth comments so I don't know where they are coming from!

Thanks Angel.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Angel, I have a sneaking suspicion that they are only clicking on approved and not approve and reply. If so that is their loss as they don't provide an answering comment that adds to their content!
DynamicDavid Premium
Helen, that may be because the other site owner has not got comments enabled for posts AT THEIR END. This could be by design or otherwise.

Also some WP themes do not display comments for pages and/or posts. A bug in that WP theme. I have had to drop at least one WP theme because it had this bug, and I am not going to waste time and effort following it with the WP theme developers. If they can't get that right, what else are they missing?

Also some configuration settings in WP will enable/disable comments. Each post/page also has a "show comments" box.

Also some site owners will only show the last 5 comments via a sidebar option, that is their choice.

It is up to the site owner to decide what to do. If they do not know, you could send them a PM, but you need to note which WA member owns which domain yourself.

They should be looking at the comments on their site anyway after they approve, and WA has a "sweet, just published the comment, click here to see it" type of button. So they should be pressing that to ensure that they are happy with the comment.

It is not your problem that their comments are not displayed.

Your task is to get the credits, so that you can ask for comments yourself. Try not to invest too much time into coming up with your quality comments. I find sometimes I am looking at a site to give comments, and if I can't find something useful to say quickly I take the "not interested" option.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Dave, I agree totally. One thought I have is that they approve but don't approve and reply.

The area that is a problem is in the Site Rubix area, Site Comments. You would think if they are requesting comments they would respond to increase them!

Thanks for this and keep in touch.

Now following you.

AlexEvans Premium Plus
A very helpful tutorial, for folks wishing to contact support.
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks, Alexander :)
MyraBeth Premium
I know how to ask for help in the WA community but didn't know how to ask for help in regards to my website. Thanks so much for this valuable and helpful training.
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks, MyraBeth. I am happy you find it useful :)
janmar Premium
Thank you for this training. I did not know the steps.
AngelBcn Premium
You are welcome :)
Loes Premium
I will refer to your training when I sent people through to WA support:)
AngelBcn Premium
Great! Thanks Loes :)
stevecox Premium
Terrific help even for those who have been around but "can't remember how to get there".

Thanks Angélique

All the best, Steve
AngelBcn Premium
Thank you, Steve!
I am glad it's been helpful to you :)