How To Determine The Value Of A Domain Name

If you start looking for domain names to the places I recommended on the previous page, you will find hundreds or thousands of results. As you understand the most of them are worthless. Below is a list of some tips to follow when you want to narrow these results.

You are looking for domain names:

  • Easy to remember
  • Relevant to your niche
  • Easy to type
  • It is important to make sense
  • Brandable

Follow these tips, and you will avoid the most useless domain names. Below is a second list of what to avoid when you consider buying a domain name.

What To Avoid When Buying A Domain Name

  • Avoid buying not .com extensions: You always want to get the .com extension except if you have found a huge opportunity to buy a high-value and keyword-rich domain. If you find available, just go for it.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens: They make it harder to remember and type. I have seen some examples of domains that sold high with numbers or hyphens, but these examples are rare.
  • Do not buy a domain without checking its history: If you do not check out your domain's history, you may be unlucky and get suspended from the Google domain name.
  • Avoid long domain names: Not many people can remember a domain name like RealWaysToMakeMoneyOnlineFor….com. Keep it short.

I think that these steps are enough for a beginner to get started finding his first domain name. If you do everything as described, you have chances to find a good and brandable domain name.

However, you will not find a great domain name if you do not spend time and effort researching. If you are looking for your very first domain, take your time. While you get more experienced, you can find good domain names faster.

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Would a domain name representing in the singular or plural be detrimental in terms of search results? I want to do superhero merchandise. I feel something with superhero rather than superheroes would be better in the domain name.
bonzo124 Premium
If you can find an exact match domain name, I think that it would be better to avoid the small changes.

But if you want to find a brandable domain, choose one that you really like.
Thank you. Me over thinking it again
Melisscam7 Premium
I feel your pain!
Justaguy1 Premium
I made a domain on namecheap, about a week ago. Now I'm following your advice to have it transferred over. Namecheap is telling me I have to wait 60 days. So now I wait 2 months?
Subia17 Premium
AWESOME ! Thanks for alllllll the info ! VERY helpful !!!!
bonzo124 Premium
You're welcome, Rosa!
LeylaH Premium
Thank you, I just wanted to ask something, all the domain names I check the value of with the appraising tools come out as $0, should I just choose one anyway? Maybe it's just my keywords...
bonzo124 Premium
If you can find an exact keyword in a domain name, buy it. If not, find a domain name that is easy to remember and type.

Appraising tools can help you but if you really like a domain name just take it.

For example, my domain name on "make money online" niche is

The appraisal is on $110 but I did not choose it for its value.

It is easy to remember, brandable and you expect to learn how to make money when you visit it.

I would have bought it even if the appraisal was $0.

So, if you really like a domain name do not care about appraising tools.

I hope it helps.
LeylaH Premium
I appreciate your reply. Yeah, I can get the exact keyword in it, so I'll just choose the most appropriate one.
Thank you for helping!
Following if that's ok
Daviki Premium
Great training! Thank you :)