Once you can run a blog perfectly based on your chosen niche, you'll start operating like a pro. Check out the following tips to learn how you can become an expert in your niche:

  • Run a blog based on your niche: You must ensure to create content, publish blog posts and reply comments based on your chosen niche. When readers visit your blog to check out new posts, they find out if you're able to operate on the blog niche without derailing at all. Once they've figured this out, they'll be rest assured to learn from your blog regularly.
  • Publish articles passionately: You must realize that one of the things readers look at before deciding to follow you is passion. Once they've seen the blogging passion in you, they'll follow you and learn from your blog from time to time.
  • Engage your audience wholeheartedly: Readers must see clearly that your replies to their comments are always in-depth and helpful. In as much as a blog comment could be an inquiry, piece of advice or contribution to the post, your replies count a lot in the minds of those people who visit and leave comments.
  • Learn how to make attention-grabbing comments in your outreaches: By trying to operate like a pro in creating useful and informative content and leaving authentic comments on pro bloggers' sites, you'll be treated like a pro. You will soon start seeing pro blogging results and receiving the pro bloggers' visits will give you the first signal
  • Submit your guest posts like a pro: Because you're going to get featured on authority sites like Entrepreneur, Neil Patel, SmartBlogger, Virgin, ProBlogger, Forbes, and many more, you must sound like a pro while writing guest posts for pro bloggers.
  • Write remarkable posts: If you are able to create remarkable content on your own blog, you're already operating like a pro.

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AlexandriaD1 Premium
Thanks for the lesson!

Is there truly such thing as blogging too much? I know to keep blogging no matter what, but I've read articles in the past about "quality over quantity" blogging. Some bloggers don't publish posts every day. Others recommended you should do or every other day at least.

What's your take on it?
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for reading friend! If you hadn't asked this question, probably you would have waited too long to figure it out.

When it comes to getting a first Page Rank, it doesn't rest with the fact that you have to do what others do, or write articles everyday as most struggling bloggers think today, but find out what blogging strategy really works.

You must find out what type of content ranks in Google this time around so that you can become successful. Look at the case of someone who, after publishing more than 1700 articles on his blog in more than 24 months, called it a quit due to extremely low ranking and low traffic.

It's a must that you must publish content frequently to update your site and, most importantly, to satisfy readers' appetite for helpful, useful, topically-relevant, informative and engaging content.

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