How to Be Successful

This is a topic that many people avoid because it isn't the easiest to answer when someone comes up with the question:

"How do I become successful?"

or make the request:

"Teach Me How to Be Successful"

In this short tutorial, I will attempt to answer requests like these.

First, let's define what success is. One of the best definitions I've ever found comes from Earl Nightingale. I will reiterate it here...

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

So let's take this apart.

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jellison Premium
Daniel, this is a great post.
Thanks :) I try.
dreadless19 Premium
Great inspirational blog Daniel! Thanks for your efforts.
You are very welcome. I've been reading yours about nutrition and other gems you put up on WSS.
MrChimney Premium
Great stuff Daniel.
Thank you kindly :)
Jaialoha Premium
Great pictures and quotes, thanks!
You are very welcome. :) Got behind on here just a bit.
Shields Premium
Beautiful work! Another piece of work in WA to be grateful for.
I really appreciate it. I'm sorry I'm a little belated here LOL. Thanks for the kind comment :)
Scott W Premium
Daniel, my friend,

This may be your best work ever. I am impressed by your simple distillation of the steps to success.

I heard the Earl Nightingale quote many years ago.I agree that it is the simplest and best definition of success I've ever heard.

Another piece of the success puzzle is that we each define success for ourselves. Jim Rohn said - If I hear someone say his goal is to buy a cabin in the wilderness and live off the land, then later hear that he has done just that, then he is a success.

You may not be making $$, and I guess that's why we are all here. But, I just noticed your member rank. You engage people, Daniel. Believe it or not (I know you often have your doubts) you are a thought leader in the WA community, with a huge tribe of followers.

I'm not sure what is holding you back, but I know when you find and overcome your barrier you are going to erupt. And others will marvel at your "overnight success"

Keep plugging, my friend. Review, reevaluate, and adapt. The success that you seek is within your reach.
Wow! I've never had anyone regard me a thought leader. That's a pretty honourable role. I would like to be that because then I could very well help people. Anything in the line of communicating has become so because of Wealthy Affiliate.

I have my ideas what is holding me back and the tutorial reveals much of it.

Earl Nightingale is one of my favorite authors. He is renowned for having created the Nightingale-Conant empire. In this realm is where I began learning about myself and others.

It is my hopes, that one day I will be able to make a difference in people's lives who live day to day in drudgery of jobs they hate and those with fantastic abilities being wasted by limiting belief systems. I first have to know myself before I can know others and this is my pursuit today.

Someone in here said they had been to the Requests Board and saw questions like the ones I presented. He said he couldn't answer them without inventing solutions. I thought I'd take a stab at it. That's what I came up with.
Scott W Premium
You did a hell of a job with it.

I used to listen to Earl Nightingale's "Motivational Moment" on the radio in the early 80's I purchased Lead the Field on cassette tape many years ago. Absolute classic. I bought his book "The Essence of Success" when N-C first published it. It is a compilation of his best Motivational Moment scripts.

I have been a customer of Nightingale-Conant for three decades. First program was "The Subliminal Winner" by Thomas Budzinski and Denis Waitley. I used to listen to the tapes endlessly while I was delivering pizza back in the mid 1980's.

I stumbled on Jim Rohn and love his stuff to this day. I attended one of his 2 day seminars in West Palm Beach around 95-96. Still have the notes that I scribbled.

It's obvious that you have spent a long time being what Mr. Rohn called a "serious student". The knowledge is within you, Daniel.

If I may say this, I have visited your sites and followed you here in WA for some time. I often find your writing to be very stiff and formal. You don't write like you are talking to a friend.
While it may be grammatically correct, I have never heard anyone use "constitutes" as a noun. And "whilst" seems to be very common across the pond, but I think in the US it's much more common to use "while" I hope you don't mind my feedback.

Again, I would encourage you with the thought that this tutorial is the clearest and most down to earth writing that I have seen from you. I think it is a breakthrough to a style that will serve you well.

I would like to close now with a final thought from Zig Ziglar. You, Daniel Eurgetes, were engineered for accomplishment and endowed with the seeds of greatness.
The feedback is fine. I'm trying to write in the third person. I was recently given this advice because I tend to write in the second person. I have many old habits in writing. I've written for years in a Journal in the first person.

I cannot speak orally like I can write. It is my main way to communicate, so it behooves me to improve it. Yes, I know I sometimes use words that people don't use often. I don't know where many of them came from.

For many years I was isolated from the rest of the world and my exposure to the outside world came from books, many of which were from Roman times. So, yes, my language is a mix of any sources outside of normal speech is today, but I'm learning.
kaliinozarks Premium
I bought an Earl NIghtingale audio cassette series on Negotiating with Roger Dawson. Earl is a powerful speaker and I feel I have learned a lot of things from him.
Marcus WFHW Premium
I very much enjoyed reading this Daniel, it highlighted some of my own demons that stop me from being further forward that I currently am.
I have a really laid back attitude and don't always do things when I should, keep putting things off until tomorrow.
Naturally tomorrow never comes but eventually I do get there.
Staying focused and on track has always been my problem.
My issues, on the contrary, has very much to do with the continual lack of income and going at great lengths to get it. I have been applying for jobs for a very long time and I'm not meeting their criteria.

One thing about employment that makes me unsuccessful here is that, I don't have goals. This is an end that I don't really want any part of. So, it's a two way street here...

No passion for this
Work history.

This issue continually eats away at my work in the things I have passion for. It is a prerequisite to continuing my education in here. I am in for my fourth year now and this has been a success!

Albeit, I'm dealing with needs here and not wants.

Getting a job to provide income is a need.
Getting an education in entrepreneurship and online business is a want.

The desire is there but it is hindered by the needs which is causing procrastination on my part in here. If I didn't have this concern, I'd be making money by now in my online business. Until I'm able to fix this immediate issue of not having income, I will always have problems doing this, which to folks outside of WA, is a luxury.
greytmom5 Premium
Very nice Daniel! You write superbly!
Thank you. I try. Hopefully, one day, this will translate into income for me.
teacup Premium
The only way to truly fail is to quit. If you are still working on your goal you have at least a measure of success. Look back at where you were a year ago. Has your knowledge or skills increased? If so then you are successful. Are you continuing to build upon your knowledge and skills? If so, you are successful. Making consistent sales is a goal that you will eventually achieve if you continue to work on your goal. Some hit their goal sooner than others. Compare yourself to no one but yourself. No one else has the same strengths, weaknesses, trials, troubles, successes or failures. You are unique. Enjoyed your tutorial.
I often wonder why I came back for another year, based on my performance so far. What you say is exactly why I stayed in. I simply do NOT want to give up.

We learn from what we teach. I had to look up all the information I presented above. This will be connected to my campaign for sure. I wrote it for three reasons...

1) I needed it.
2) Others need it.
3) I know I will learn from it. (and I know others will too as they do ask these questions)
jespinola Premium
Great Training Daniel :)
Thanks Jorge :)
jespinola Premium
Kewl Web Premium
Great tutorial Daniel. I am in a place where I try not to think about success anymore. I'm at the "just do it" stage and keeping "doing it" until the money comes in. I'm focusing purely on the journey - being persistent and consistent as much as possible. One day I will wake up with a ton of sales & realize hey all that effort has made me a success. Once again congrats on a great tutorial!
In the case of the process (or the journey) this is where the "just do it" comes in. Else, your focus needs to be on the goal ahead, not the journey. It is true you need to exercise what's in the process to attain the goal, your eye should be ever on that goal.
LOL! I was wondering why nobody was responding to this tutorial. I forgot to publish it!
jeff2011 Premium
Well done on your post. It's well thought out and I agree with it all. It reminds me of the persistence quote which I read a lot:

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

Calvin Coolidge
firstborn Premium
Yeah I agree with you Jeff. i learnt this from my persistence with mathematics
I put this here because I need the lessons myself. Calvin Coolidge was very correct. This is why we have so many folks out there with talent and who hold college degrees who are waiting tables, cleaning bathrooms and flipping burgers. Even worse, there are folks out there with these credentials on the STREET holding "Will Work for My Meals" signs! I know. Tampa is full of this! It is now the number one city for homelessness, of which I myself have joined ranks several times since I became a member here.

It was time to put this up. Again, it's for everyone, but it's for me too.
firstborn Premium
Hello Dan.
it seems like you found your motivation again, I guess it's time to move on. and the best way is to begin again and again.