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In this video I outline the "quick and dirty" technique outlining how to back up your Wordpress sites. This is using the Tools Import and Export features that are native to Wordpress.

Some of the topics that I cover within this video are:

(1) The importance of backing up your website
(2) How to Export and organize your file
(3) Why you should always record the name of your "theme"
(4) How to get your website back if it ever goes down
(5) Using the Tools => Import function and installing the necessary plugin

If you have any questions about backing up your website or how to use the Tools Import/Export function within Wordpress, let me know and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.
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Deezdz Premium
Is there any training/instruction available on how to back an entire site up into a Google Drive account?
Deezdz Premium
Craig...thank you very much for providing the link. Just went through Craig's tutorial and backed up my site into Google Drive! =)
Labman Premium Plus
While backing up, I decided it might be a good idea to grab my Media files too. Thought the best way to do this was ftp so I got that set up and operating while I grabbed a full set of media files.

Always nice to have a full backup. Tomorrow I will complete the job with a Database backup as well using PortablePHPmyAdmin.
PCRoger Premium
EZPZ backup is a good free plugin, I THINK it gets everything
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, there are definitely some good back-up plugins out there.
ragrabowski Premium
Thanks for the walk through Kyle. I have tested the process for my site and found that it did not restore any of the customized plug-ins. Is there a way to backup and restore plug-ins and all their specialized settings?
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, use the drop box technique if you are doing that. This is purely for content only, it is the quick and dirty technique but it will require some effort after you restore the content to install plugins and any custom settings on your website back to the original.
zakki Premium
Thanks Kyle.. Very helpful! I want to be able to save this in a folder here in WA for future reading if the service can come back!!? Cheers dude :)
Kyle Premium Plus
We will have that functionality coming, in the meantime just use a search if you ever want to find anything (search: backup) and it will come up.