I will walk you through a few steps to show you how to add a watermark to an entire publication. You are going to use the picture you have already saved in Pictures file.

  • Using Microsoft Publisher > Click New> Add Click Insert > Draw Text Box >Type In Your Content / Insert Text File.
  • Select your picture from Pictures file.
  • Copy the picture (or your company logo) from your Pictures file.
    From the menu bar choose:
  1. View
  2. Master Page
  3. Paste the picture into the Master Page
  4. Return> Click View > Click Normal
  5. Saveas Publisher file / JPEG file

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queenredgie Premium
I have a mac? Plus I want to add a watermark to all my posts/pages taking into consideration that I have to avoid the watermark going into my header? Can this be done?

Thank you!
nathaniell Premium Plus
If I understand correctly, you want to add a water mark to your content on your website? Adding a water mark to your posts/pages will not prevent copying, or make them less likely to be stolen.

You can add water marks to images, if they are owned by you, but that requires some image editing software.
queenredgie Premium
Thanks Nethaniell

Its not a watermark as such, it was the best way I could describe what I wanted to do. Its a non obtrusive background image.

Followed a Youtube video but nothing appeared on the page?
ZEGU Premium
I agree with Nathaniel, a watermark will not prevent people from copying your website content.

However, there is something you can do to stop people from stealing your website content.

Fellow community members have come up with suggestions. Please check on this link: .

Watermark Example:
If you click on the link below >> scroll down to the right side >> Web Copywriting Portfolio >> Click on any of the samples.
You will see documents that have been watermarked.


All the best.
queenredgie Premium
As I explained to nathaniell
It was just the best way I could desribe the look I wanted.
I dont actually want a watermark.
Just a background image that is not overbearing, and just adds something to the page.

Thanks any way
Edi67 Premium
Thanks for sharing. Many blessings. Edi
ZEGU Premium
Thanks for many blessings, Edi.
Dinh Premium
thanks for sharing!
ZEGU Premium
You are welcome, Dinh.
MKearns Premium
Great training Euphemia! Saved!
ZEGU Premium
Happy to hear, Mike.