I spent few days trying to figure out how to update the copyright date in the footer of my website. I read so many articles online, watched YouTube videos, and read some training courses here at WA but nothing was helpful to me simply because I'm not comfortable using codes. HTML, JavaScript, php, etc. they just don't make sense to me.

There are many newbies to WordPress and building website who, I'm sure, will not be comfortable using codes like me.

I will mention couple of options that I used and they worked with me. One is a plugin and the other one is using your theme (best option).

Option #1: Add / Amend Copyright Date Using a Plugin

I used a good plugin that can actually do that without me tampering with the codes in the editor section. The plugin called "Real-Time Find and Replace" which is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. See image below.

All you need to do is copy the original copyright text from the "view page source" of your website in the 'Find' section and add the new copyright text (create one in the visual tap of a post then copy the text from the text tap of the same post) in the 'Replace with' section.

My problem here is codes again. Selecting the correct copyright text from the "view page source" is tricky for me. I tried it on a theme that I use to practice WordPress on. It worked but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it.

Another mistake I made was that I forgot to copy the original copyright text from the "view page source" to a notepad so I didn't know how to put it back again and re-try it.

Here is an image of how the "view page source" looks like. Not pretty.

P.S. I highly recommend you read about this plugin before using it and test it on a different site first. If you are not comfortable using codes like me, then let's move on to Option #2, the best option.

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Selenab1 Premium
Thank you for the article, I was able to add my copyright. Thank for sharing.
nikolina23 Premium
thank you, for your hard work to figure it out, it saved me a lot of time
Nadja3 Premium
Useful training... Thank you for sharing
monamassoud Premium
Thanks for your comment Nadja :)
laurenjean Premium
Thank You Mona. I remember Marion Black adding a training on this a couple of years ago but have not been able to find it since so I've just left my old Copyrights up. I will go test tour Theme option on my Theme now. Thanks a mill.
monamassoud Premium
You are very welcome Lauren :). Thanks for your comments.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Thank you!

Yes, adapting in appearances... depending of theme.
Some even allow to add your affiliate link

E.g. If you have a paid theme, you can become affiliate and add your affiliate link to the theme
monamassoud Premium
Thanks for your comment Fleeky :)