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In this video tutorial I will show you how to add a Call To Action Overlay on Your YouTube Videos.

In the video I show you what a CTA Overlay is and exactly how to do it, but I did not touch on the advantages of doing so.

What Advantages do CTA Overlays have:

First off, with YouTube annotations you can not link to an external website. Annotations are the clickable speech bubbles that you see on YT videos. Since annotations don't link to external websites, all visitors must go to the description and click on your link to make it to your website.

With CTA Overlays you can link directly to your website and guess what it shows up on the video just like annotations do. So basically CTA Overlays are a way to beat the system and have an annotation that actually links to your website.

If you have any questions please comment below!

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MarionBlack Premium
I'm bookmarking this so I can implement it on my YouTube videos. Thank you. ~Marion
philsmkt62 Premium
Great you bookmarked so when I get there I will have the information. Thanks for sharing.
darrellw Premium
Thank you Brok Webb, this is really gtood stuff.
CarlaIves Premium
Thanks, Brok! Haven't delved into video marketing yet, but you're bookmarked for when I do!
DoubleTap Premium
Great job, Brok.... always wondered where those little ads come from!
BrokFTJFH Premium
I know! Something that I never had seen before either!