One of the questions I am often asked is “how long does it take to make money online”

Even many new members of Wealthy Affiliate will often ask “how long does it take to make money here?” or “how long before I make my first commission?”.

Or they ask other members how much they make, and how long it took them, etc, etc.

I know that many members don’t particularly like to disclose how much they make, and I don’t blame them.

After all, it is a very personal thing, and many find the question a bit rude.

But this question keeps coming up time and time again.

So how long DOES it take to make money on Wealthy Affiliate?

Well read on and I will attempt to answer this frequently asked question.

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Louise2812 Premium
Thank you very much John. That was exactly what I needed to read at this point in time! I have kept at it steadily but seem to be at a point where I'm progressing a lot slower than I had been....however, I know I need to give it time and keep on going! So thanks for the extra encouragement - much appreciated :)
johnwnewman Premium
Glad to hear that it helped!
Keep on going! :-)
MikaelM Premium
Very nice thoughts and reminder about patience. In general I think we are looking for quick fixes in all areas of our life. The problem is just that most of the quick fixes are not really fixes but just short term distractions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

johnwnewman Premium
Totally agree there Mikael!
Cheers :-)
Miren Premium
Great training, John!
I usually struggle with focus and I get distracted by the "next opportunity", I'm so curious so I'm like "how will this work for me?". I know people who want to succeed online but aren't still here in this community because they're so skeptical, even though it's already been proven that WA works =)
johnwnewman Premium
I know where you are coming from Miren, and I constantly try to "narrow" my focus, but it is a work in progress!
The real secret to making money online is not "if" it is possible, but actually following the blueprint, and working damn hard "until" you DO succeed!
But having the "belief" you can do it, is essential so you don't give up through the inevitable frustrations!
Thanks :-)
Judy-B Premium
Thank you, John for the boost. I know this to be true and I still believe it. I've gotten away from my site here for awhile. A bit discouraged. I tweak the site at times. I'm trying to get back to it. Your training here has helped. Thank you, again. :)
johnwnewman Premium
Really glad to have helped!
I understand the frustration, but It is all a numbers game, and the more we build out content on our sites, the better chance at success we have.
Kyle calls it using "brute force" :-)
CraigUKTV Premium
Hi John,

You are right of course, you cannot define how long it takes. One common theme that I have noticed with people who are successful is one that you mentioned...and I quote....

"It starts out very slowly, then it’s a trickle, then a steady flow, and then once enough momentum builds up, it’s a waterfall!"

Thanks for the training. Cheers.
johnwnewman Premium
Glad you liked it :-)