Just a little sidenote on digital products as opposed to physical ones...


  • Higher Commissions than physical products usually offer
  • Instant downloads. No waiting.
  • Products do not take up physical space.
  • Rival physical products such as books, video on DVDs, audio on CDs, etc.


  • Less trust in digital products than in physical products amongst consumers.
  • Higher refund rates. (when compared with new physical products)
  • Can be easily swiped online by hackers.
  • Can be easily spoofed online by hackers.
  • Can be piggybacked with undesireable programs, such as viruses, trojans and BHOs.
  • Can be extremely low in quality or worse - totally worthless.

These are just off the cuff as to how I see advantages and disadvantages of promoting digital products. I'm looking at this both from my standpoint and the standpoint of folks purchasing them.

Here's where I begin my research...

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thriver Premium
Thanks Daniel. Good training. Pam
You are very welcome Pam :)
coolcity Premium
Good stuff. Digital products are something I have considered for a while. I may take a closer look now.
It's even better to have a mix. Right now that's all I'm doing, but I really need to beef up other means of online marketing, physical products, product creation and promotion of these and local marketing. I've touched on these, but need to give them a try again.
coolcity Premium
That makes sense. I plan to have a look at Clickbank and some of the others to see if there are any products that compliment what I am selling, although that is going to be some time away yet. I am building a large authority type site so the more stuff I have on there the better it should prove for ranking purposes.
Melanie1508 Premium
Thank you Daniel. :)
Thanks Melanie :) I hope you enjoyed it and was helpful to you.
DBSTAR Premium
Helpful, but how do you promote digital foodstuff?
cybridge Premium
Nice! It really helps too. Thanks for sharing.