When looking into a product, be sure to see who its processor is. This is important! Whilst there are a number of excellent affiliate networks out there, there are some really bad ones. Clicksure is one of these, and perhaps one of the worst of all. I've done a separate Resource on affiliate networks. It gets into more detail.


I also wrote an article about Clicksure on my website after having researched it...


Clicksure specializes in supporting Internet marketing products and services, which isn't a bad thing in itself. However, Clicksure is Clickbank's rubbish bin.

This affiliate network, out of China, formed when Clickbank cleaned house in 2004. In exactly a week, Clicksure appeared on the scene. It is a haven for vendors with products that violate FTC regulations, are bogus, are filled with lies and misrepresentations.

Read the above articles indicated by the links. Clicksure will make any honest marketer mad!

I actually search out products from Clicksure because I know they are usually bad, and at very least, dated. I have a working knowledge of advertising strategies used for bad products. I love to rip these products apart and it's easily done if you know what to look for.

Most of the other affiliate networks that we commonly hear about have policies in place that prevent scam products from getting into their marketplaces.

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thriver Premium
Thanks Daniel. Good training. Pam
You are very welcome Pam :)
coolcity Premium
Good stuff. Digital products are something I have considered for a while. I may take a closer look now.
It's even better to have a mix. Right now that's all I'm doing, but I really need to beef up other means of online marketing, physical products, product creation and promotion of these and local marketing. I've touched on these, but need to give them a try again.
coolcity Premium
That makes sense. I plan to have a look at Clickbank and some of the others to see if there are any products that compliment what I am selling, although that is going to be some time away yet. I am building a large authority type site so the more stuff I have on there the better it should prove for ranking purposes.
Melanie1508 Premium
Thank you Daniel. :)
Thanks Melanie :) I hope you enjoyed it and was helpful to you.
DBSTAR Premium
Helpful, but how do you promote digital foodstuff?
cybridge Premium
Nice! It really helps too. Thanks for sharing.