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Sometimes you just have that one post that you want everyone to first see. You want that post to stay on top of all the other posts - no matter how many posts you have created. That can be done, and it's called making a post "Sticky". Strange but true that's what they call it. Who thinks up these names? Anywho - I digress, back the topic of Sticky.

This short video will show you how you set a new or older post to always appear on top. If you have set multiple "sticky" posts, they will appear in chronological order.

If you are using a WP page editor like Elementor you will take an additional step and that is not cover in this video. I you would like to know how to do with Elementor - drop me a note and I'll walk you through the settings.

As always, I welcome your comments and hope that you are having a successful WA day.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
This is GREAT, Steve!

Willow29 Premium
I've learned something new today; thanks for sharing!
hsgoad Premium
I hope you are having a great day....
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks Steve. Really useful. Have a great day. Best Regards, Trevor
hsgoad Premium
Thanks - I was glad to have been of help.
lowbeelian Premium
Thank you! That was very informative!
hsgoad Premium
Thank you - appreciate the compliment.