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Hi Folks, Today I want to walk you though the simple and fast way to make your website here on Wealthy Affiliate. People are aways asking me "How can i build a free website?" so I though I would just make a quick video and show them how.

If your already a member here on WA, you really don't need this training as it is include very early on, but if you are watching please feel free to leave a comment or question below or check out some of my other training video here:

For Non WA Members

Please create a free account and receive 2 free websites and all the other benefits Wealthy Affiliate members enjoy. This is your one stop shop for building websites and earning money online. Sign up Today!

If you prefer not to watch the video, check out a simple walk though below.

How can I build a free website?

First select Websites ->> SiteBuilder (Build your website) from the left side menu bar.

Then select "On a free domain" from the "What kind of website do you want to build?"

Then Pick A Theme For Your Website ( You can always change it later)

Then select build and 30 seconds later your site will be live on the internet and ready for you to start creating content.

That's it.Talk to you soon,


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onmyownterms Premium
Thanks for creating.
Greg2112 Premium Plus
You're welcome
dchapman3 Premium
Job well done. I'm in Bootcamp right now creating videos. It is not easy.
Greg2112 Premium Plus
Loes Premium
Love watching:) You are a natural. By the way, there are thousands of free themes for premium, but just 12 for the free account members, SSL is also only premium, you should mention that. LOL about your writing mistake of teat5 :))
Greg2112 Premium Plus
Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I noticed the teat5 after the fact.