Hot Seat! Winter 2018
1 hour Live Video Training
Broadcasting Live on
DEC 2018
at 5:00 pm (your local time)
Presented by magistudios
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Watch live with 109 fellow members!

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and get ready for the Winter hot seat? We are going to have a live and very insightful look into REAL member websites to help assess and analysis potential issues, and also to point out some really positive approaches that you can easily and efficiently implement on your website.

Have your site reviewed live by Jay!

A Site Review by an experienced marketing consultant can vastly improve your rankings by educating you on various rank elements that you may be missing.

Past Hot Seat recipients have said this has helped them immensely!

If you are Interested in being in the HOT SEAT, please request a seat here.

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Review of your Niche Research
Review of your Traffic Exposure
Review of your Content Structure
Review of your Website Creation Processes
Review of your Keyword Research
Review of your Navigation and Design
Watch live with 109 fellow members!