Hint Words

Understanding what your buyer is looking for is half the battle.
What I have done here is explain HOW you use different words to find different niches and targeting what YOUR buyer is looking for.

It is learning how to adjust the way you search for those buying keywords.
In other words to think like a buyer and use the words they would use to search for something in Google.

The best way for me to explain this is to give you some examples;

  • [best acne product]
  • [acne home treatments]

The first Hintword is[product] in the first phrase - This tells you that the Searcher is looking to Buy.
The second Hintword phrase is[home treatments] - This tells you the Searcher is looking for Information.

Here's another Hintword example that shows this;

  • [discount tile flooring]
  • [how to install tile flooring]

In the first phrase the Searcher is again looking to buy,[discount].
Again in the second phrase[how to install] the Searcher is looking to do something him/herself.

In Online Marketing we look at either providing products to sell or to give information on.
So we really are only looking at the two main Hintwords, Buying and Information.

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Hello, this is a great post not to mention insightful. Thanks a lot Kyle, Good job!!
Neil Little Premium
It just gives you another angle to find those important keywords.
Carson Premium Plus
Thanks for the great resource Neil! This will surely help a lot of people.
Neil Little Premium
Thank you Carson.
Kyle Premium Plus
Great tips Neil, excellent resource!
Neil Little Premium
Thank you Kyle.
stadium Premium
very good
Neil Little Premium
Glad you liked it.
Deezdz Premium
Very good information Neil. These are great points for those just starting out and it has been a great "refresher" tutorial for me.
Neil Little Premium
I thought it might be useful for people to use. Thank you for your comment.