There are very specific regulations for non-profit organizations federally and in all states. Many of the these organizations are funded through government or private grants, but smaller non-profits do a great deal of fund raising so they can fulfill their mission. Groups do not need official non-profit status to be a vital part of the community.

Here is a short list of groups that may need to fund raise.

  • youth sports programs
  • support groups
  • church groups
  • food banks
  • homeless shelters
  • residential service providers
  • school groups

Can you think of groups in your town that fit into any of these categories?

Can you think of any other categories?

  1. Make a list of all the organizations that you can think of that fit any of these categories. This will be your outreach list.
  2. Get all the contact information for each group you list including names, phone numbers and emails.
  3. Find out the main need for each group.
  4. Arrange a time to meet with the group or group leadership to talk about fund raising.

Now that you have a list of groups, in your area, that might need fund raising help, we will look at how WA can become a fund raising tool.

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JFerrizzi Premium
Help is very needed in theses areas. I am working with a non profit now we are always looking for support. There are groups set up for different kinds of programs to assist the community.
sylviaO1 Premium
Actually after you and I spoke about this, I spoke with 3 different organizations I know. Now I am not sure how to start it. through PM, if you can guide me it would be appreciated.
Thank you for the information.
lisa970 Premium
Good idea, thank you
wardchambre Premium
That is a good idea I did sell things years ago on my eating disorder site and gave a percentage to the eating disorder association. Both ebay and amazon have ways to contribute to non profits.
AGOgden Premium
This is really good, Jim...not many people know the regs on non-profits and they try to run what you offer here is great! Kudos and salutes!