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By Sam&Iris Richardson

The lessons of PLR are simple.

Purchasing private label rights articles and eBooks for resale is relatively easy and quick. PLR and MMR products are cheap, but understanding the differences between PLR and MRR gives you a better understanding of what you’re buying. It also lets you know how you can sell both types so that you have a better way to market your products.

In addition to allowing you to purchase a product, PLR also allows you to change or modify it in any way you want to. Basically, you can treat a PLR product as if you created it yourself. However, you are not allowed the claim to the resell rights to the PLR content. In other words, you cannot pass on the Private Label Rights of the product to your customers.

Mindset Is Key,

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DocSmith Premium
Great info- Thank you so much
PaulaKeen Premium
I sat in on a webinar for this. I understood it to be very expensive if its what I am thinking. But, in the long run is very profitable according to the people who presented it. The webinar was on putting your label on someone else's product and selling it on Amazon. Maybe not the same thing, not sure. :o)
AussieJeff Premium
Interesting proposal on PLR Content and Look forward to your second video.
Cheers, Jeff.
ChrisShouse Premium
I have never purchased any. I am always afraid they have been used many times by a lot of people. So you would for sure have to modify for it to be in your own voice and not get dinged for duplicate content.
MKearns Premium
I will investigate this Sam. E-mail It looks like evergreen content under the right label. Somewhere I saw offers like this once and lost what it was. Thank you!