Guide To Removing Powered By Shopify Tag.

This guide is available for shopify users. If you are using a free theme from shopify, you may be able to reach out to the shopify team for support. To read more, see shopify theme support.

You may choose to remove the “powered by shopify” store message if you do not wish to see it. There are two available ways to go about having this text removed. Only one of these methods is needed - choose whichever works best for your circumstance.

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BlueJasmin Premium
Hi, Ross!

I have been blogging for 5 months by now and followed precisely a pattern Kyle taught: two informational or how-to posts and one review. Of course, it is very labor-intense.

Maybe it will be smarter instead of having just a blog theme (free or not), to use a Shopify theme where I actually can have a store and a person can see everything if he/she would like? Now even if they click, it goes either to the Amazon or another site.

In other words, would it be great to blog and have a store?

Please share with me your wisdom. I would sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you!

OSegun Premium
I have not used shopify before, so I am not qualified to speak about the service.

However, what I think is the bedrock of online business, particularly, affiliate marketing is offering help. Or a perception that you are offering help and this is where posting informative contents becomes crucial. That is my style.

You can check my websites ( and

Even though the frequency of my posts is not fantastic and I don't recommend it, I am happy with what I am doing. I only have to post more content, but an informative ones.

I wish you the best in whichever style you choose.

Triblu Premium
Hey Ross,

Having never used a Shopify theme before, I have a question.

When making changes like this, the next time Shopify updates their theme, wouldn't your change be overwritten making that line reappear once more; and if so, can you create a child theme to protect your changes made (like when using regular Wordpress themes)?
Rwstretch Premium
Wordpress, Differs from Liquid.themes. Shopify Is a standalone system much like WordPress.

It's E-commerce based, easier and more functional for those looking to strictly sell e-commerce items. The free liquid themes provided will always have that appear there unless removed.

I moved to make themes for Shopify after I opened my 3rd store, it was another great source of income.

Hope this helps,
- Ross
Triblu Premium
Well Ross... now you have aroused my curiosity... hmmmm. Thanks!
Rwstretch Premium
Its worth a look my friend, Take it a step further, I have a ecommerce site dedicated to hats.

I now can host a few of my amazon affiliate links under my actual ecommerce site, so those still wanting a hat but maybe not mine can now roam to amazon and I can still pickup a potential conversion.

The trick to online is finding a few suitable means of income generation and making them overlap in a few instances, or programs even.

- Ross
suetay Premium
Hi Ross, don't mind if I ask you a couple of questions here. If I have a Shopify store, should I blog within the Shopify platform or blog on a Wordpress site and send people to the Shopify store to buy? Are you saying that I can apply for Amazon affiliate using my Shopify store?
Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou for this pointer it is crucial
Rwstretch Premium
Thank you! It can be very annoying and costly :)