If you have had to do your work in the absence of being able to hire a qualified professional and you never think about the visual identity of your brand before posting a photo on social networks. If you alternate between a funny, serious tone or inspiring without taking into account the verbal identity of your brand, or if you think that what matters is the number of followers and likes… so, I'm sorry to tell you that you are doing it fatal.

That is, if you are communicating in an improvised way without a strategy or planning, you are making a very serious mistake that surely is the cause that you do not see the return to social networks, your blog or your email marketing.

In the process of creating and managing a lovemark, you have to project the correct meanings that we want to be associated with us, communicate the value proposition that we offer and generate preference over other brands.

This is done through the content plan, which is the strategy that will serve to capture the attention of your target audience, arouse their interest, and finally conquer/convert customer .

In this post I will give you the keys to know how to create a Content Plan according to your objectives.

With your Content Plan you should focus on following the following strategy step by step:

1. Capture the attention of the target audience that you want to become a customer

2. Arouse their interest

3. Arouse their desire for what you sell

4. Build credibility to convince them

5. Move them to action.

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Israel17 Premium
Hey Keny, you have said it all about making a good content plan. Once this is done, being consistent at blogging becomes easy. Thanks for coming up with this!

Israel Olatunji
Edubosah Premium
Informative training.. Thanks
emimos12 Premium
Without quality content coupled with good structure, ranking is very difficult. Thank you for creating this post.
Keny44 Premium
Thank you Emimos. Like you said, good structured content helps in ranking. I'm glad you found the training helpful. Thanks again!
Parameter Premium
Writing good content is the secret to generating traffic to your website or any online business.

And when it is well planned out, the better and more engaging

Keny44 Premium
Thank you Ayodeji. Content as always said is the king and should be done well. Thanks again.