There's a reason they are popularly referred to as content assets. Let's face it; you invest so much into creating high valued content for your readers. There's the part where you have to research topic ideas, keywords, target audience, and content materials.

You move unto content writing, editing, optimization, and even revisions. And when it's all done, you publish the content on your blog while promoting through social channels. If, after investing time and efforts into content creation you record poor conversion, how does it feel?

For the record, the conversion could be signing up on an email list, downloading an app, leaving a comment, or buying a product. It’s an action you expect your readers to take after they must have consumed your content.

It definitely feels disappointing whenever there's a low conversion on any of your content. If you followed the right steps for creating content, it means there could only be one problem – your web copy.

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bluemagic64 Premium
Morning out there Israel,

I feel so exhausted sometime to think all things to work at once. I never been doing an e -mail lists. But since sound like this is the trend of todays internet businesses. I just trying to refresh by pattern the differences of digital businesses than physical businesses in yesterday business of mine.

Hard to think that in digital businesses we also need to build up a rapport, a relationship to our target/potential customers to buy the products we are offering to them.

We create and write more healthy/ organic contents the way that sound we are not desperate to sell the products to them. Instead ,we are trying to show to these potential customers stuffs, that might help them first in their needs.


Hanco Premium
Thank again for sharing Israel.
jd500 Premium
Very good advice, thank you Israel!
Aussiemuso Premium
I love reading your posts Israel. You are a very clever man. I will be crafting my new content with your tips in mind my friend.

Lily 😁🎶
YvonneBray Premium
Another one of your great lessons that I am bookmarking to read again. Thank you for keeping us educated