As you may be aware, the old "Fetch as Google" tool has been replaced with the new URL Inspection Tool.

For help in understanding the 5 functions of the new URL Inspection Tool, you can see my previous Training: How and Why to Switch from "Fetch as Google" to the new URL Inspection Tool.

In a recent Live class (Webinar), Jay, aka Magistudios, introduced this new tool as well. He did an excellent job of walking through exactly how to get started with Google Search Console, and how to link it correctly to your website(s).

In the Live class, Jay mentioned that you will probably receive an email at some point with a 'no-follow' issue in regards to categories. (And, you will.)

The reason this issue arises is because most of us are using All-in-One SEO (or another SEO plugin), and we have selected certain things to be 'nofollow' such as our Privacy Page, and categories for posts.

GSC only sees that the url is nofollow, and is going to alert you no matter what the url is and what setting you've given it.

So, if you get an issue message, and it's for 'nofollow on categories,' then you can disregard it! Those are suppose to be nofollow!

However, there are other issue messages that you may receive that you shouldn't ignore.

In this Training, I'll be covering an Issue that you may experience after you have linked your website(s) to GSC, and you WANT to FIX IT!

Let's get started ...

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ipalladino Premium
Hi Cris,

The google search console is stating that all my pages are excluded. I'm sure there is just a check mark in the wrong area of my all in one SEO. Do you have any idea of where to took first?
Thank you for your help.
cris1018 Premium
All pages are excluded from indexing? Yes, could be a Settings issue. Did you receive a "blocked by" message in GSC? Do you have a screenshot you can PM me?
BorisRoman Premium
Very useful information!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Bob. I wish you much success as well!

Babou3 Premium
Thanks for your great help!

cris1018 Premium
You're welcome, Ingrid. Thanks for stopping by!
Funder Premium
Great lesson, thank you for sharing
cris1018 Premium
Thank you for reading, and commenting!