Google Plus Awesomeness - Traffic, Tools & Rankings
1 hour Live Video Training
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NOV 2012
Presented by magistudios
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How would like to have an all you can traffic buffet?
Are you hungry for Google Plus knowledge?

Google Plus is handing you a plethora of tools for traffic and rankings, are YOU using them to YOUR advantage?

Google WANTS your online business in their search engine.. just follow some simple rules and you're in the club!

You've always wondered how Jay (magistudios) ranks in the search engines for everything he does, well this Friday is the day you will be shown how he does it.

Join Jay (magistudios) where he will show:
  • What is Google Plus
  • Authorship and How to Get it
  • Rating Stars and How to Get it
  • Using Google Plus with Local SEO
  • Watching the Google Ripple Effect Happen
  • Live Q & A Session
Do not miss this live training as it can make a HUGE difference with your online business!
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