You can use both Google Docs online and offline.

The good news is GDocs Offline is almost as versatile as the online version.

You need to do research online and then draft your post with Google Docs Offline.

I choose my post topics and start a new Google Doc for each one. I aim to always have at least 6 in queue, that way I keep a easy flow to writing.

Keyword Research must of course be done online. I use Jaaxy and Google Instant to find my keywords. For each post I draft, I like to find one main keyword, a couple of supporting keywords and some long tails. When I am happy with the metrics, I simply copy the KW and metrics into the corresponding Google Doc.

Do as much research online as possible for each topic;

Gather all the snippets of information, reminders, statistics, quotes, links, ideas and resources that will help to build out and support your post. At this stage I don’t worry about editing, I simply throw the many pieces of info into the document and leave it for those unavoidable times when I am offline.

Writing up and editing posts in Google Docs Offline;

It simply becomes an exercise in making logical sense of the collection of information you have saved to the draft. I also put my own angle or opinion on the topic, round it out and polish it up offline.

You can find plenty of inspiration for posts offline, in other people’s opinions, magazines and favorite books. I sometimes review hard copies of books, if it’s relevant and worthwhile.

Freestyling offline.

My posts don’t always have a directly commercial intent, for example my travel blog. This allows me to do some free writing, no research, just expression. I always draft the travel posts in GDocs offline because I don’t need the internet until it’s time to publish.

When reception is restored

Copy the whole draft into your Wordpress site. Do final updates and add links and images. Do a final SEO check list of tags, meta desc, titles, categories, alt texts etc.

Then press the magic Publish Button!

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