Go to Goggle’s main site by typing google.com (.ca for canada) in the address bar. The next screen will give you the option to “sign in” or “sign up” on the top of the right hand side of the page, select “sign up”. The next screen will get you to fill out your personal information. Complete and do the verification by entering the two text words and then you will have created an account.

Along the top of your home page you will find your main menu bar. Here you are able to select different services Google offers.

Search: Basic search on the internet.
Images: Look for an image to copy, save or edit.
Maps: Get directions to an address you are needing.
Play: Store your favorite movies, books, apps and games in a specific location.
YouTube: Access or create many videos with Google owned YouTube.
News: Current News information.
GMail: Create, View or Store your email.
Drive: Offsite server to save your computer work.
Calendar: Organize yourself with scheduling tasks, events and reminders.
More: Give you more services to pick from.
More > Docs: This is where you create word documents, spreadsheets and slide show presentations.

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Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, easy to follow G+ overview. Nice work. I recently moved a good deal of my social activities (obviously most of my time is spent here though) to Google Plus. :)
ECAffiliates Premium
Thank You I Love Google+.
Sherion Premium
Thanks so much! This was very beneficial. I have a Google + account but have not taken full advantage of all the benefits.
ECAffiliates Premium
I try use my Google+ daily. I don't even have to look for contacts anymore. Provide some interest information and people will follow you. Just follow up. I like to use Pinterest and articles I think people will relate to.
you know I'm not the internet savvy, and have seen this google sign up, pop up every time I go on, thought nothing of it, just didn't realise how useful a tool it is until now
reefswimmer Premium
Wow, you have some cool thoughts here. I had not yet started to use Google+ beyond setting up my account. So now i am doing that. I signed up asap for gplusgotogal, and i can see there's a lot to learn from her. She is really oriented to using G+ for marketing success online. It will be fun to integrate her teaching with the wealth on WA.
Thank you for the tutorial, It's very concise and easy to understand. I'm sure it will help a lot of new members.