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Here is the text for the visual impaired people.


  1. Go viral on YouTube for free / 3 simple steps + 7 bonus tips.
  2. Start with an irresistible awesome intro.
  3. A Question, A Solution, A Teaser.
  4. You've got 10 seconds to seduce people to watch your video.
  5. When you start your video with I am Loes Knetsch and founder of Workathomefuture
  6. 10 SECONDS ARE GONE and so are your viewers.
  7. You need just one AWESOME video, not hundreds mediocre.
  8. It's like winning the lottery, 100000 almost rightwill not bring in the money.
  9. Come up with a VIRAL Title, an irresistible description and splendid SEO keywords.
  10. The formula for YouTube Success, 3 Simple Hacks to succeed.
  11. 1. Awesome Intro/Title
    2. Tweak One Video
    3. Find Keywords
    + Bonus! >Next

7 bonus tips!

  1. Watch your haircut and background. Be to the point. Get rid of the em's and eh's.
  2. Share anywhere you can. Social Media, Email, Whats-app. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  3. Release it on Monday or Tuesday. For some reason, people have more time to watch.
  4. Nobody shares when it's not good. Create interesting content. Tell a story.
  5. Make your video shorter, no one is going to sit and watch a 10 minutes video.
  6. Write a VIRAL title. Do spend time on this one!
  7. Be sure the right people SEE your video.

Get better creative YouTube titles by following these 3 steps

Success creating that one awesome viral video!

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magistudios Premium
What do you mean by Watch your haircut?

Which is better, Monday or Tuesday? Does it matter?

What makes a title viral?
Loes Premium
Some people screenshot themselves with a just out of bed look, I mean by watching your haircut that they might want to look in the mirror before they expose themselves on the internet.
Brian Dean has checked the Monday and Tuesday publications thoroughly, I think, everyone should try both days and check up the responses for their own results.

The titel is very important, people should use Jaaxy for any title, whether it's a post or a video, or even the title of an image can be found on Jaaxy. I have one Dutch post, which has been clicked and gone round Social Media a lot, it's called, in Dutch Why "Echte mannen hebben tampons bij zich" translation "Real men have tampons with them"
The post scores page #1 in Google for months now.
magistudios Premium
Great, thank you for the clarification.

Can you please elaborate on 'people should use Jaaxy for any title, whether it's a post or a video'?
Do you mean research the keyword?
Loes Premium
Yes, that's what I mean
JamesJB Premium
That's great, Loes. I haven't had a go at making a video yet, but I'll keep your great tips in mind when I do. Thank you :)
Loes Premium
You're welcome, to your future success
JamesJB Premium
To yours too, Loes :)
RAFStuart Premium
Sound advice Loes.
Loes Premium
You're welcome Stuart
Fintyd Premium
Thanks Loes,concise and to the point just like what a video should be!
Loes Premium
You're welcome, thanks:)
DEversley Premium
You are very wise Queen Loes. Thanks for the inspiration as usual.
Loes Premium
You're very welcome, and thank you:)
KennyGlossop Premium
Thanks that’s very useful
Loes Premium
Nice to hear, you're welcome Kenny