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You have your website set-up....what now? Your first step is getting your website ready for the search engines. The sooner you do this, the sooner your can get indexed and ranked in Google (and other search engines) which is going to lead to your traffic and revenue.

In this video, I am going to be walking you through the following:

(1) What is SEO and how does it work
(2) Why is SEO important to your online business
(3) How to activate your plugins
(4) How to set-up the All in One SEO plugin
(5) How Good SEO looks in Google
(6) Understanding home titles and descriptions

If you have any questions about the set-up of the All in One SEO wordpress plugin or you have any questions about the SEO topics discussed in this video, please leave your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

PS. As mentioned in the video, your website will take typically between 7-14 days to initially get indexed in Google. If your site is not quite indexed, that is fine. No need to panic, it WILL happen!

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william33 Premium
Kyle, You asked for questions and I have one. My Domain Name is Click Pick and Save
I chose Baby Clothes for my Niche.
My Domain Name is the only thing showing in my Browser. Hard to get ranked without naming a product or niche for the Search Engines
How do I correct what I have done?
Appreciate all the help I can get from the community or you.
Thank you very much.
johncruz Premium
It looks good to me. All you need now is content Bill
John1965 Premium
Hello Will: I think that you should not worry about this. Kyle is taking us step-by-step through the process. I'm sure he will give us the info we need to have a completely functioning website by Lesson 10.
Kapena Premium
Hi, on setting up the SEO, I realised my title does not convey the right message.....Silly me put "Over 50 and losing weight" which will make people think I am looking for those losing weight, and not those WANTING to lose weight. Can I correct the title.....? In SEO General, I added, "or not?" to the title, but would prefer to change it. Groan struggling with the title, help!! Thanks (NB due to time diff, will be off for a while - so excuse none response)
Dreamer56 Premium
Yes you can edit that Esther
I am so sorry that I have so many questions but do I have to make my home page title the same as my website or can I have variations? example website Meals in 30 minutes. I would like the title to be a variation= delicious meals in minutes (or something like that)
Fadhil Premium
Usually your website title will be fixed as it is like your brand, nobody would change their brands frequently. However you can create articles or pages using the title and discuss them in the way you wanted to as articles and pages titles will also be indexed by the search engine.
greenvee Premium
hi i could not continue with setting up because there is a page to join the mailing list. there is no way to delete it or get around it. i don't want to sign up for this, so what do i do to be able to continue setting up my seo?
Juneyo Premium
If you’re referring to this mailing list (image below), you can totally ignore it. Just proceed with the settings.
greenvee Premium
hi there, thanks. that is what i am referring to BUT there is no way to continue....there is no ignore button or anything like that visible
Juneyo Premium
Hey Valina. What I meant by ignore is just proceed by scrolling down and continue with the SEO settings. Glad you've sorted it =)
greenvee Premium
yeah thanks. did understand you - the page was just not loading completely for some reason...all is well :)
BradleyJones Premium
Hi guys. Watched the video and have concluded that I cannot expect to understand everything the first time around the block. Repetition is the key to retention. Shame on the pedagogical tyrants who brainwash pupils with elitist mentalities!!!! Wealthy Affiliate has become the vital resource to recover from years of traumatic exposure to toxic waste sites existing under the alias of K-12 educational institutions that I found a way to survive by the Grace of God!!!