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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

This is an introduction video course to Affiliate Marketing! It´s a good place to start if you are new to Affiliate Marketing and it will help you get started as an Affiliate and hopefully guide you so you don´t make the most common mistakes. When you have finished this course I highly recommend that start the Certification Courses here at Wealthy Affiliate if you haven´t done so already!


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Shawn Martin Premium
Nice job. this will help people who are wanting to get up and running as soon as possible.
Merliness8 Premium
Thanks Henning :) Will follow your instructions and hopefully be set-up within the next few days with at least 2 Affiliate programs! God bless :) Maggie
Very informative video. Wish you had zoomed in on the wordpress so we could better see what you were doing. Also would have like to see live the gator set up etc as these things seem to be very important.
Labman Premium Plus
Nice video, I would break it down into 3 separate 10 minute videos though. Spend the last minute or so warming people up for the next.
People don't have the time to watch for 30 minutes. Get them to subscribe to your videos and they will come back time after time.
jespinola Premium
Hey a great Video. Thanks