The advantages are numerous, especially for newbies and they include:

  1. Attract quality traffic: This is the aim of many guest bloggers. It is a good source of traffic that can easily be converted to subscribers.
  2. Google Indexing and Ranking: By directing links from authority sites to your website has been proven to help gain Google indexing and improve your ranking. It is a decent way to build backlinks to your blogs and push your articles to page one on Google or other search engines.
  3. Build credibility: Making sales from your product or affiliate products shows how much people trust you. The easiest way to help people know that they can depend and trust you is by seeing your work on authoritative sites with good credibility.
  4. Build a brand: Many times, when we search for the content, we lookout for some websites or writers' names. Regularly showcasing your work on authoritative sites will help you build a brand name. When people trust your work, they end up spending more time on your websites. This also will go a long way to improve your ranking on search engines.

Misconception of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a marketing strategy where delivering quality and relevant content is essential. I have highlighted three mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Duplication of content or Article: As bloggers, spend time generating content. It is difficult to submit beautiful articles to blogs other than your blog. The temptation of submitting the same content to multiple websites should be avoided because this will not go down well with the big blogs, it can kill your relationship with the industry giants.
  2. Taking Product Reviews for Content: I am not saying product reviews are not good content. Rather than submit articles with reviews and affiliate links as a guest blogger, give content without sales intent.Contents without sales intent have been proven to be more acceptable since most bloggers desire good content that their readers will appreciate.
  3. Focusing on building links: the link building was one of the advantages I mentioned above, but if link building is your main reason for guest blogging then you are getting it all wrong.

Concentrating on building links rather than delivering content will water down the quality of your work.

Forget about building links, they will come naturally as you work on. It's time we see how to guest post.

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Ginger67 Premium
Thank you for this training! I'm checking this out for sure😊
Parameter Premium
You welcome Ginger67, enjoy the rest of your day
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I appreciate this training, getting the required traffics to achieve our online objectives is vital, and you have given a quality post that addresses it,this is a good source of traffic indeed. Keep rocking higher in 2020.
Parameter Premium
Thank you emimos12,

We will rock higher and higher together.

Blogging must be done the right way to get the right result
Israel17 Premium
Wow, what a helpful training, Parameter! You are obviously providing useful resources to the community which many newbie bloggers will find helpful. Guest posting is quite a proven strategy for building website traffic though many people ignorantly count it as a waste of time.

Israel Olatunji
Parameter Premium
Thank you Israel Olatunji,

I believe the community is a precious place where we must contribute to building each other via knowledge.

Guest posting is a strong website traffic generation too. It is just like standing on the shoulder of a giant
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I really enjoyed your post. Information that I have bookmarked as this is something I am interested in.

Thank you, Louise
Parameter Premium
Thank you Louise,

Guest posting will increase your traffic and also your income.