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Ok, I know its nothing new but social bookmarking will get you some easy backlinks and speed up the Google indexing process. Different techniques work for different people but I always make sure I submit to at least a couple of social bookmarking sites for every page on my site (link directly to it).

Here’s a good list of Social Bookmarking sites that gets updated regularly:

Of course, you can use automation tools to submit to multiple social bookmarking sites at once. A few of my favourites (everything I mention here will be free) are:

Onlywire’s free service allows you to submit 300 times per month, and once you’ve put in your details for each site you can submit with a couple of clicks at any time. Social Marker works a bit differently but allows you to go through social bookmarking sites one at a time. I prefer Onlywire.

SocialADR is a reasonably new site which has a great idea. You bookmark other peoples sites and they bookmark yours. That way you can get hundreds of people to bookmark your links leading to more exposure on the bookmarking sites.

Social Monkee’s free service allows you to submit your link to 25 social sites in one go. You can do this once a day – very handy!

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LynneClay Premium
Your Trade mark makes this article hard to read.
RichFar Premium
Thank you for taking the time to present this tutorial - i'll be checking out all you've suggested.

Blessings Be,

- Rich
AuvLamborg Premium
I know site friendly linking is a good way to link, knowing they are one's with all the relevancy factors!! Is it good to say you can use some website to get backlinks or are they waste of time as Google demoralizes the website !? As if i did not know this, a reply is just a confirmation!!
Great tutorial!! But do you use anything else instead of fishforlinks.c0m ?? Because it seems that website is out