I’ve always had one golden rule when it comes to work:

Quality Content + Maximum Exposure = Long Term Success!

It’s a formula that works every time. And to me, long term success and financial security are a lot more important than short term success.

So how do I put my equation into play?

I always start off with the best content I can. I look at my competitors and ask myself what I need to to do to better them. If you have the best content then you deserve the top spot. If your content is average your success will be harder to maintain. When it comes to SEO, you may be able to link build and article market your way to the top of the rankings, but if your content isn’t the best it won’t stay there naturally. People won’t link to it on their own and the ‘long term’ part of your success will be a lot more difficult.

So first critical and maybe non-apparent aspect of attracting backlinks is to have Quality Content.

Now for maximum exposure, which in my eyes is the harder part…

If you want to have a top site in your niche you need to be at the top of the search engine rankings. This leads to traffic and traffic leads to revenue. So, after the content writing and the web designing, the article marketing and the video creation it boils down to one simple thing – link building.

Although I still believe that article marketing is one of the best ways to start getting links and traffic to your site, I am finding more and more that SEO is the most surefire way to get free traffic to your site. So today I’m not going to talk about article marketing. What I am going to talk about is a few free methods I’ve learnt along the way that I hope will make your day to day link building that much easier.

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LynneClay Premium
Your Trade mark makes this article hard to read.
RichFar Premium
Thank you for taking the time to present this tutorial - i'll be checking out all you've suggested.

Blessings Be,

- Rich
AuvLamborg Premium
I know site friendly linking is a good way to link, knowing they are one's with all the relevancy factors!! Is it good to say you can use some website to get backlinks or are they waste of time as Google demoralizes the website !? As if i did not know this, a reply is just a confirmation!!
Great tutorial!! But do you use anything else instead of fishforlinks.c0m ?? Because it seems that website is out