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Here are the three main things you need to focus on after you finish the training within WA.

Number 1

You need to keep producing more content. Content is the key to your websites success. It is the content which is shared, ranked and bring in traffic.

It is the content which you share with your followers and grows your Google juice and Google authority!

Jay's Blog Ranking Checklist! <---- WATCH EVERY SECOND!

Number 2

Email marketing. You have to start building up your email list. Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your audience and build a real relationship with them.

Email Marketing 2018: 1st Steps to List Building

Email Marketing 2018: Sending Your Blog Posts

Email Marketing 2018: Opt-in Strategies

Email Marketing 2018: Writing Emails that Convert

Number 3

You need to start building out your social following. This is very tricky for me to give accurate advice on because it depends on your niche. Different social media accounts are more effective in certain niches.

However, I suggest you look into these resources to grow your following.

Facebook Ads: Building a Quality Fan Page (Week 1)

Facebook Ads: Boosting Posts (Week 2)

Facebook Ads: Creating Awesome Ads (Week 3)

Use Pinterest For Traffic

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Caruana Premium
Hi, thanks for this video. It is very encouraging. I'm doing a bit of all you have mentioned and it is good to have some guidance after finishing the OEC training. Good day. Marisa
Dwyan Premium
Thanks for the video. I am still going through the training myself but I was wondering what will happen afterwards.
skandy85 Premium Plus
Glad to hear it. Appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Exciting times ahead. When you develop your website and social following thing really kick off!
Melissa901 Premium
Thank you I have been going through Jay's videos quite a bit here lately seeing tips on how I can improve things.
skandy85 Premium Plus
It is important to watch his webinars and keep learning and moving forward. I am glad my video was of some help! :-)