Yes! We have traffic to our site and we want to offer our visitors something for free! Adding value on your site is always a great idea.

The whole idea behind the mini course is to solve a problem for your customer. Just like with your website, you want to target a particular issue your visitor is having. You will want to write your email courses around a single topic.

There are several ways you can do this. You can start with one big topic and then talk about several smaller subtopics. Or, you can stay on the big topic and go deeper into depth with each email.

For example, you could talk about finding a niche market. Then, you could talk about different ways to research the niche, what tools to use to find the niche and so on.

When setting up an email mini course there are a few things you will want to do. They are as follows:


The first thing you want to determine is the theme of your email mini course and give it a name.

For this tutorial, I am going to create an email mini course to go along with my Baby Shower Games website.

My theme is "Baby Shower Games" and the name I am going to give it is "Exciting Baby Shower Games"


Once you have your theme and know what you are going to write about, you will want to create content around your theme. The content should consist of 5 - 6 emails about your theme and they should be about 300 words or so each. Just something quick for your subscribers to read.

You can create a much longer email campaign of say 10 days. That choice is all up to you. Just remember, for each day of your campaign, you are going to want to write an email of content.

Soft Sell

At the bottom of each email, you will want to soft sell something. This could be anything you have an affiliation with that pertains to your theme.

The best thing to do is add a P.S. section at the bottom and add the link there.

For my theme, I am going to soft sell different items like baby shower prizes, baby shower keepsakes, baby shower invitations and so on. I have two different affiliate accounts I could use depending on what I want to offer.

When to expect next email

Build suspense! Make your subscriber excited to be getting your emails. You also want to let them know when they will be hearing from you again. Be sure to add this into every email you send out.

On the next page of this tutorial, I am going to show you my first email for my Baby Shower Campaign.

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