Email marketing, also known as opt-in marketing, is likely the most stable and long-term revenue generating technique on the Internet. Email marketing is the collection of an email address and or other attributes (name, country,etc) in exchange for something. For example, someone may be willing to give you their email address and name in exchange for a course on "making money online"...or to sign-up to a newsletter with the hottest dating tips. Could be anything really!

In this day and age, consumers are inundated with marketing messages that work off of pure interruption. You watch your TV and then are interrupted with commercials. You listen to the radio and you are getting the latest and greatest invention promoted to you. You open your newspaper, same thing.

Large companies can afford this method of marketing and can connect with millions of people with their big fat budgets. However, it is hard to measure the success of such campaigns, and you only have a single opportunity to make your impression felt!

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, email marketing gives you the ability to invest once to get the clients contact information, then gives you the ability to connect with this person again, and again, and again....potentially for a lifetime. Instead of paying for an ad over and over again, you only have to get the initial subscription and then you can contact the person for FREE!

You are likely to subscribe to many email marketing campaigns. For example, when you signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, did you join the offer for our free Internet Wealth Guide on our homepage?

Look familiar? When people sign-up to this form on our homepage, it gives us the ability to contact them again and again, not only with promotions, but also to offer value and insight into the Internet marketing industry.

Email marketing is actually quite simple when broken down. It works like this

(1) You ask for permission from people to join your mailing list in exchange for something (newsletter, guide, etc).

(2) They share their email address and name with you.

(3) You then have permission to offer them information and ultimately marketing promotions.

Not only do you have the opportunity to connect to this person once, as long as you keep a good standing relationship with them you can continue contacting them over and over again.

Whereas the traditional type of advertising, even Pay-Per-Click (PPC), only allowed you to contact someone once in order to recoup the money spent on advertising, you now have multiple chances to generate returns.

Below is an outline of the "flow" of email marketing:

Website Visitor ----> gives permission in exchange for something ------> Joins YOUR LIST------> YOU offer info and promotions
------> YOU MAKE $$$$$

Email marketing is the single most effective way of marketing online. There are three factors that contribute to this.

(1) Pay once, contact forever

Now this is really cool. Unlike your typically PPC or article marketing campaign, with the incorporation of email marketing you have the opportunity to contact people over and over again. You essentially work to get the lead once (the initial cost, whether it is time or money), then you can contact them over and over again...for FREE.

Let's look at an example. Say you pay $0.50 to get someone to your page via a pay-per-click campaign. The person comes, doesn't buy anything and leaves. You never get to see this person again.

Say you had a form (like ours) on your page that allowed people to sign-up to your email list in exchange for something

(2) Can be applied to any niche

One thing that email marketing has on some other marketing methods is that it can be done within any niches. Sure, you can make money within most niches with other marketing techniques, but email marketing allows you to cross-promote relevant products to a niche as you have on going communication with your subscribers.

If someone is interested in weight loss, they may be interested in a George Foreman grill. If someone is interested in a bird feeder, they are likely interested in bird feed. Having an email list gives you this opportunity. Any industry, any can build a list within it!

(3) Automated

You know the old Ronco commercial slogan "set it and forget it"? Well, this is appropriate for the email marketing world. Once you get a system in place that is converting visitors into leads, and leads into customers, it is all about scaling about your campaign. Once you get traffic converting within your sequence, it will always convert.

There are tools (that we will be discussing) that allow you to automate the whole process. Email marketing can become hands free and once you have a formula in place that yields a positive ROI, you having an automated "money making" system in place!

We will be getting into much more detail as the guide continues.

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I need all the tools I can get this is great and I'm guessing here but it is associated
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Nice job. Love the new info.
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