A PSD file is layered to easily modify the image file. It contains all the image sources for your web design template. To manage files of this type you need Adobe Photoshop software installed on your computer. You can do any kind of customization using Adobe Photoshop because this powerful tool allows you to change text, image colors, or add your own photos to your web design template and save the optimized image data for web.

The first step to managing your PSD file is to open it with Adobe Photoshop. Its quite easy. To open the PSD file you should select "File/Open" from the top of the menu and browse to the location of your PSD file. A more simple way to open the file is to drag-and-drop it from your file browser to your Adobe Photoshop window. Also, if the PSD files on your computer are associated with Photoshop software, you can just double click it in your file browser and it will be opened and ready to use.

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