There are quite a few voice activated programs out there at the moment, far more than when I first encountered them.

One of the very first was pioneered by Cheshire County Council Education Department and was called "Dragon" ... there is a much more sophisticated version available today both for PC and Mac, and some clever apps as well.

For a time I used IBM's aptly named "Via Voice" which could learn and remember familiar and common words as you used it. Quite clever in its own right way back last century.

IBM sold "Via Voice" in 2003, and distribution is now done by Nuance.

The problem with both the above is they are quite expensive to buy, and now are really designed for big business to use them. Lots of bells and whistles included that are not for the the likes of simple souls like me. I suppose if you have oodles of cash they could be worth considering.

Some of you will be familiar with facility that comes with the Apple i-pad....that little microphone, always there right at bottom of the screen, just begging to be will type for you as you speak.

It is very useful in some respects in creating content in all the places you might wish to use it here at WA, but is somewhat limited in scope. Of course you must purchase the device first and they are not cheap.

What we want is something that is FREE for we Non Skilled Typists

to the rescue

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Marcel92 Premium
Great post. Thank you for sharing.
Brookline Premium
Glad you like this hope you can use it profitably
terrberr Premium
Hi David;
I'm very excited that you have posted this really valuable voice-typing training here for us!
It's a Godsend to me, because I wear a soft neck brace while working, and 'hands-free' manouevres just hit the spot:)

As a bonus, you communicate so easily; thank you.

I want to say more, but I wonder if you can please see if we can get page 4 of your good lesson? Right now, it says "The requested source has not been published."

I think I could get along without it, but thought I'd better tell ya, nice fella!
Brookline Premium
Thank you for your kind words and comments
Good of you to point out the page 4 problem ... Very strange.
I am seeing your quote at the top of page four when I access the training from my profile page, although of course I can see all 4 as complete.
Rather a shame page 4 is supposed to have the key info item.
Will try to correct for you by a re-edit and re publish options
If unsuccessful will have to seek expert help
Will update you later via PM
terrberr Premium
Thanks, David:)
I just PM'd you a quick one too...;)
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Being blind Dragon is a tool that I have used to for years. but it's not overly expensive at least not the home version and I am an affiliate. $25 I think is the current sale price. My wife is a Health Care Administrator and she rates it 10. Lol I just asked her. The stuff she writes is generally more sophisticated than what most average people do and it serves her needs well.

because I am on my cell phone so much like right now I use the Google tool a lot but it requires a lot more work than Dragon.

I'll have to check my IBM store but I don't think Via Voice is still available.
Brookline Premium
Glad you have found something that helps you both.
Both Dragon "Naturally Speaking Home 13.0" and Via Voice are available from Amazon now.
Dragon is around £55 and Via Voice is about £50
Regards David
MPollock Premium
Nice info Thanks
Brookline Premium
Glad to help speed up the day
dorina62 Premium
Fine!It is great!Thanks!
Brookline Premium
So glad you like it.... saves lots of time.
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