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Creating an affiliate link you can track.

It's a lot easier than you may think, yet when you're new it can be little daunting.

So...I made this quick video to help one of our new members get acquainted with how to share their affiliate link.

...Maybe you can get some use out of it to.

In the video I show you how to easily create a tracking link to any page within the website -which is pretty useful when you're new and you haven't got your own sites yet.

Where can you share the tracking link?

The tracking link allows you to share your WA affiliate link on some social media channels or through email or personal message (a pm) online in forums etc. If anyone clicks & signs up through your tracking link you will get commissions allocated to your account.

I also show you how-to use variables to determine which link worked best as far as "getting peeps to sign up"

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Triblu Premium
Thank YOU for showing me yet another hidden goody here at WAY!

Now, I have a question for you. Are you Tony or James? Reason I'm asking this is that in the video you used mentioned James fb page.
mission0ps Premium
I'm Tony aka Mission0ps. The page I was mentioning was "Jen's" she's a new gal here at WA ;)

Cheers for popping by - there are LOADS of hidden gems
southcoach Premium
Great Video Thank you.
mission0ps Premium
You are welcome .. can't believe we're almost in touching distance :)
Zarina Premium
Awesome info, I had a feeling you can do it here but wasn't exactly sure. Thanks for confirming it!
mission0ps Premium
All good Zarina :)
terrycarroll Premium
Great post Tony. I know I will find it really useful

Many thanks

mission0ps Premium
All blessed T,

Hopefully helpful
GautamWorld Premium
Thank you for sharing. :)