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Creating reviews is a big part of becoming an authority within any niche and within this training I am going to walk you through the proper process of creating quality, comprehensive reviews.

Remember, a review never has to be final. You can always improve upon a review as you build it out and you most certainly will be updating your Wealthy Affiliate Review over time as the platform/training/community here evolves and improves very quickly with new platforms/training/technology being rolled out all the time.

If you have any questions about creating a review or you want to leave your WA review that you have created below for feedback, please do so and we will be happy to help you out.

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Aimforit Premium
Thanks Kyle,
your video was very informative and given me a lot of courage to write my first blog. just wondering though would US after the amounts of costs eg 359US help or turn people away. I live in Australia and sometimes get trapped by the simple amount only to find it actually costs more, depending where the Australian dollar is sitting in relation to the US dollar? would it be a good idea to do this in my blog? or not?

Also can we copy the information you have on your site of 'overview and rankings' without the fear of plagiarism
JackCao Premium
Copying the idea and concept is fine, just do not copy the content. Write them yourself.

Honestly, I don't think the difference in foreign exchange matters. It could be a deciding factor, but it is definitely not a major concern.

People worry much about being ripped off then paying the different in forex. If someone is eager to buy something, they wouldn't wait for the Forex to be in their favour.
Aimforit Premium
BNakedScam HI
Thanks for getting back to me, I think I get your difference between concept and content, so what you are saying, if I get it right, and that is, if I write the same information given but in my own words it should be ok?
eosegueraf Premium
You got it Liz. You interpret the information and write it down in your own terms my friend.
Best regards from México to Australia.
Chrisie1 Premium
Hello, everyone :)
I have been on my WA review for a couple of days. Finally, I have some images that I like. If it's possible please, I would love some feedback. I would greatly do the same :).
It's similar to Kyle's review but with my twist on it. Let me know what you think :)
JackieSmith Premium
Hi Chrisie,
You're off to a great start!

Brilliant Title!!!

Just a couple of things...
Rather than say 'And much more…' I think it would be better for you to mention EVERYTHING or just leave the phrase out ... you don't want to leave people hanging.

What about the free hosting, free website builder, Jaaxy that are part and parcel of WA or will these items be in separate posts?

Maybe you can elaborate a bit when you state a fact i.e. 'Please understand they help hundreds of individuals in a day.If it’s not that day they contact you back.' continue with 'I logged a call with the Support team and they responded within 5 minutes' etc

I love the conversational style of your writing!

Wishing you continued success!!
Chrisie1 Premium
Hey :)
Thank you for the feedback.

I left out some things because I didn't want it to look exactly like Kyle's. Now thinking about it, talking about what WA offers it will seem a little similar to others.

Since you gave me the thought, I can add them in, then make a separate post (internal link) talking about each one or the one I'm more familiar with.

If I understand that correctly ;)

I'm still trying to catch the grasp on keywords. I know it's not hard. I don't know why the concept keeps going over my head.

I will implement your advice to my post.

I truly appreciate your feedback. Thanks again.

JackieSmith Premium
You're welcome.
Aimforit Premium
Greetings Chrisie1
I enjoyed reading your blog, but I am wondering if your major headings are too pale, maybe try a heavier colour to gain the effect.

well done, and best of luck
buildyournow Premium
Hello Chriie...excellent review! Very informative and engaging and does give credibility to Wealthy Affiliate platform as the the answer to 'defeating the struggle' people have today.
Well done!
eosegueraf Premium
Hello Chrisie:
Think of Jaaxy as a very helpful and easy to use tool my friend, because that is what it is. As Kyle says: just start up with a broad phrase and narrow it down.
Following is a list of keywords I found in less than 5 minutes:
website marketing companies 277 48 91
lawyer website marketing 199 34 99
website marketing tools 334 57 191
website marketing consultant 252 43 87
best website marketing 171 30 200
local website marketing 120 21 129
website marketing tool 24 5 105
small business websitemarketing 144 25 100
website marketing ebook 56 10 13
affordable website marketing 48 9 100
real estate website marketing 260 45 154
website marketing package 48 9 163
affiliate website marketing 64 11 89
website marketing experts 80 14 100
I do not own the keywords, no one does, so if you want to use any of them just go ahead.
If you are not satisfied with the keywords you find, just start again with a different phrase until you hit the keywords that you feel good about.
I hope this helps. Cheers from México.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Christie, really nice. I did feel like you were speaking to me.
DanielJoshi Premium
I enjoyed going through your blogs on your site! Well done!
redbiro Premium
Thank you Kyle for presenting your video about writing a review. I appreciate your training as I'm sure we can all benefit from your experience. You mentioned in your video that we may paste a link to our review for feedback. I would love any feedback from my review to know if I passes the CIAO principle. Thank you in advance for any feedback.
Cheers Dave
bbhugaloo Premium
Being on Kyle's super affiliate challenge, I am going through this lesson two to three time in depth and keep returning to it before doing the super affiliate assigned tasks for week 1. It is key to get the WA review on track. But no worry if the review has imperfections, we can still edit and change later. Right now objective is to write the review. The two other articles should be a breeze, and will link to the review (as learned in the video).
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, definitely not an issue. The review is something that can continue to evolve over time, as you gain experience here and as WA evolves, which happens frequently.

So you can absolutely be observational within your review for many elements, objective where it makes sense to do so.
davehayes Premium
What a superb video, with clear direction on how to create compelling reviews.I learned some good information and looking to put it into practice.

As with all of the training done so far here at WA...It makes it easy for use to implement, as well as adding value to us in the small business market place

Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, glad it offered you a lot of clarity on the creation of reviews within your given niche. :)