THE most important part of your content should your "HEADLINE."

The headline is the section of your content where you should grab your readers or visitor. You need to have a headline that has power to convert. This may be the very first time a visitor stops at your website. You want to make sure you are going to give them something that will make them want to return or spread the word about your website.

Quote or a 2-3 liner is a great place to start. Think of something like Pepsi. What is the first thing you think of the brings you right back to Pepsi. Is it their red, white and blue logo or the quote "The Next Generation." Both reminded me of Pepsi. but when I hear the "Next Generation I think of Pepsi.

Here are a few more for you"

"Build _ _ _ _ Tough"

"Have a _ _ _ _ and a Smile"

"Nothing runs like a _ _ _ _"

What did you think of when you read these few quotes?

Did your think of Ford, Coke, and Deere?

Naturally you should come up with your own catch phrase or headlines. Use the Keyword tools you have available in WA to slit your headline into a few 3 - 4 word phrases and test the results.Making sure the words sound good together.

Another option would be to use the following templet and add your own words to fit your website or post.

How to __________

The Secret to _________

How a _____ made $______ in a week.

You should also try playing around with different colors and back ground that make your headlines stand out. I have seen a few folks with great headline only to have them blending into the background where they get lost. Red seems to be a popular color with either a black or white background.

Also remember your font styles along with logo or graphic. Reading long paragraphs of the same font can become boring depending on your market. Mix things up a little now and then by adding a word in BOLD, Italics, underlines, change the COLORS, or highlight.

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