All meetings should have a defined purpose and a target audience. The World Series can be won or lost during a brief meeting on the pictures' mound. A wrong decision in a 30 second huddle during the Super Bowl can change who gets the rings.

The first step in holding your WA meeting is figuring out whether or not you should have a meeting to introduce people to affiliate marketing.

I always challenged managers to have 3 good reasons for calling people together. If you can come up with 3 good reasons to hold a WA meeting, hold a meeting.

Circle the phrases that apply under each question. Add other answers that you might have. If you have 7 phrases circled with 2 under each question, you should try a meeting.

I. How will you benefit from the meeting?

  • Gaining WA referrals and potential affiliate commissions
  • Meeting new people?
  • Having a night out?
  • Helping other people?

II. Who else will benefit from the meeting?

  • New WAers.
  • New Referrals
  • The Meeting Venue Owners
  • Everyone who attends the meeting.

III, Who might actually attend the meeting?

  • Local college students
  • Professional people
  • Business owners
  • Walk-ins
  • Friends/Co-workers
  • Family

The third question determines how you will advertise your meeting. It is really asking who is your target audience. Your advertising will probably reach all of these groups, but if you don't feel confident that any people from these groups will attend, you should probably not have a meeting.

When you have decided to have a meeting, you must plan how to advertise.

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KatieMac Premium
Certainly a different approach have never thought of it in this way thank you for the great insights
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Very informative Jim. To be honest, I didn't even look at the offline aspect of referring people. Thanks for that.
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Awesome Jim .. very great ideas here. Cheers, William.
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Thank you. :)
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Very clear, targeted points. Thank you for the tips.