When I first started to add affiliate links to my site, I've learned that I need to have an affiliate disclaimer and that it should be easily visible for the user. So I've started to search Wealthy Affiliate for a guide on how to do that. After a short search I've found this training by Trish (Triblu)

Trish uses a plug-in that creates a nice button which you can place on posts where you have affiliate links. But I don't like to use plugins for simple things that I'm able to code. I feel it as a waste of plugin space, so to speak:)

I knew how to add a simple html link but it wasn't good enough because:

  1. simple text link at the top of the content doesn't look very good

  2. this is a big one - text snippet (Description in All in One SEO plugin) that is displayed in google search contained the text from the link

Point 1 was easily fixed by styling the link to look like a button, but the point 2 was still a problem so I had to find a another way.

And in this training I will share with you what I've found. Hope you'll find useful:)

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sheikave Premium
Wow it is great when we have some coding skills.
LouisaB Premium
This was awesome Marek, thank you for compiling and sharing this training.
MarekO Premium
Thank you Louisa:)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Marek.
PatrickM1 Premium
Hi Marek - Nice training. Thanks for putting this together.
Kickbacked Premium
I just created my own, have it saved in a file, copy and paste it when having a post with an ad! I believe from listening to others here, the fewer plug-ins the better!

MarekO Premium
Perfect Tim:)