How Does Clutter Destroy Progress?

It eats up your valuable resources and commodities. It makes you irritable and if it's real bad, makes you very anxious and nervous. It is unhealthy and it absolutely KILLS success!

I know from experience! It is not something I learned from my mother.

How many times have you tried to sift through mountains of papers trying to find that single 8.5x11 document...the only one if its kind...even comes with a coffee stain for easy identification...but minutes, even hours later, you have still not found it.

Or, you lost the key to your vehicle because something sifted and covered it up. It made you late to your important meeting.

Drat it! Have you ever gotten to the point where you had to use utmost care when moving around so that your hands or any other part of your body comes into contact with the piles of stuff and upset a pile and it comes tumbling down? How irritating and frustrating! It will make your nerves as tight as a snare drum!

My living quarters are very small. Even now, I have too much stuff in here. Given my situation, I simply can't have it in here, so I've been moving it out. It's getting there.

The Notorious Hard Drive

If it's a computer file...that is, a text, database document, image, whatever...and you don't know its name...good luck finding it amongst a half a million other files, some of which are inadequately-named or not where they belongs on the hard drive.

After awhile, you give up and try to secure another copy of the document from original sources. Now what was that website? Can't find the right keywords to find it? It was too far back in your online history, but you try to find it to no avail and many more minutes lost. You can't find it because you don't know where or how you got to the page previously. Eventually you may...or may not ever find that file! Meanwhile, you've eaten considerable time trying to find it.

A week has passed...

You sift through the clutter looking for some other document for a new project you're beginning!

In so doing, you find the one you were looking for the week before...for the other project. So you turn your attention to that. Albeit, now you've spend even more time switching to the other project, now you must re-orient yourself to what you're shifting gears to.

You've not planned this. In fact, you've not planned anything. It's all up in the air and anywhere the wind goes... Yes, this can happen in our online campaigns as well! Planning is very important and I will get to that in another training module. For now, let's work on removing some of the irons you have in the fire. This is a great place to start. Planning becomes much easier after you do this...

Here are some ways you can tame your projects and get more done with less! Less of a mess, that is!

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tassaace Premium
A master blog in putting together what each and everyone of us has gone through at one stage or another, if not all the time! My situation here in mid-Pacific is when you take what Daniel has just said and combine it with an atrocious internet connection where you have to wait for about 2-3 minutes for the first web page to load and pop on screen; you add that to 5 more sites to open and by the time you get to the 5th, you' had 'forgotten most of the contents in the other pages because you are more concerned (furious?) about the slow opening sites and slow pop ups. Now I think that's a recipe for disaster don't you think? But what the heck! If I'm going to learn about building a website and go on to make some bucks from it ($20 will do nicely), then its worth it. Thank you Daniel for making me take heart. I thought I was the only one getting s raw deal and guess what! I've bookmarked it so I have a guideline close by. Well done!
Thank you :) I appreciate the kind comments.

For a very long time, I had the slow atrocious Internet connection myself right here. My earlier content on here and in the old Forum was full of complaints about my connection.

Since then, someone on here taught me how to hack into my landlord's modem from my computer and have since, been able to reset it when needed. They all do. The modem is in the house behind which I live and many times the folks in there were reluctant to take the two or three minutes it takes to reset it. As a result, I'd be without the Internet for two and three days at a time until one of them needed to go on themselves and would reset it.

This was one of the things that impeded my earlier attempts to work in WA and get the job done.
Shields Premium
I was wondering when someone would next put an article together that uses the successful technique of summing up at the end. You did it so simply that the mind flashes back and reinforces the original statement. Just what it was supposed to do without being redundant. Good choice of illustrations,too.
That's actually standard practice in writing speeches. It's a very good idea to do this. I try to do it in my multi-page work, and should do it everywhere. The basics in writing are to provide what you are going to talk about, do the talk, and then talk about what you just talked about.

I ran out of steam or I would have included an illustration for the summation at the end but then decided, well, it doesn't really need one and I need to go to bed. So I did.

Thanks for your comment :)
okydoky Premium
I think a lot of us can relate to this Daniel.
You should see my desk and my filing system. I have an idea of how to sort it out, hopefully in the next few days sometime.
When it gets to the point where you find yourself rummaging through piles of paper to find something, it's time to fix your filing system.

I did this just last Tuesday and came up with a pile of documents three inches thick that needed to be shredded. I don't have a shredder, so I used fire to shred them with.

Between my shed and my camper, I turned out two cans of rubbish. There's more work to do on this end, but when done, it is a GREAT relief to the mind and a sense of newness.

People with clutter often forget what it would be like to have it gone and there is a real sense of freedom that comes from tackling the mess and getting rid of it.

Like I said above, I decomissioned several websites I had. It was time to renew them and I let them go. No sense in paying for these year after year and not doing anything with them, even though they were good keywords.

Clean off that desk so all you have on it are the very essentials you need. You will find it will have a positive psychological impact on all of your work, including your campaigns.

If you have cubby holes and such around your desk, clean those out too and only have a modest amount of stuff that you use every day in them. Note that the office spaces of most highly successful people are very tidy and only what's needed is found in the space. The same goes for the entire home. I once had a lot of media and had it on shelving everywhere. I removed all of that and put it all out of sight. Except for an occasional book shelf, this stuff is neatly stored in closets.
okydoky Premium
Another things is emails. If you don't need to keep a particular email then delete it immediately. Otherwise, they all build up and you get lost going through them. Also empty your trash very frequently. Any email you want to keep put them in folders. Email programs like Windows Live Mail and GMail have provisions where you are able to make folders to sort mail into.
Wow! I have not even TOUCHED email yet.

I have 21 email accounts. You can be sure some of these have not been entered into for YEARS! I am probably a holder of a million unopened emails. Entire accounts need to be deleted. Albeit, they are out of sight, out of mind. My latest email accounts are based on content, and this works for me. One account is exclusively for WA. Another for liabilities. Another for other memberships. Another for alternative health, and so forth. These email accounts I use often. The others...

Well, there was a time when I used to delve into those giveaway opportunities. I fell upon one of these in 2004. It was the "119 Christmas Gifts" giveaway by Henry Gold. It was the very first one on the Internet. I've found some of the greatest resources I would ever find (until I found WA later) in that year. None of the later ones did much more for me except fill about ten more email accounts full of never-ending streams of emails that persist to this day.

My oldest existing email account is still bursting with email from subscriptions I created in 2004! I still go into this account and it contains a unique batch of subscriptions. One of these is among the earliest of my subscriptions - The I think it has finally updated from the old ugly green and yellow website that had been up since the late 1990s. It was once the main source of my learning online and about computers in general.

LOL! That old green and yellow website is STILL there! It is a relic today, and one that would make it in an Internet museum for pioneering sites that came up just after the days of the BBSs.

Amongst one of my email accounts, I have the very first email that made me aware of Wealthy Affiliate - sent by a friend who had found WA back in 2009 and passed it on to me as something I might be interested in, that she considered was junk.

This particular email, a welcome letter from Kyle & Carson, is the very thing that changed my life. So there are relics in these old emails however few and far they be.
mrbill74 Premium
Looks like a recycle job, Daniel, but still very helpful and timely. You obviously put a lot of work into this. Good job!
Not a recycle job, but something I had in my queue that I had never finished (in spite of what it is about. LOL!)

In completing it, I rewrote much of it to make sense. It needed some work. Your expertise in the English language probably finds errors in it, but I try to write right.

I have another resource that was meant to be an ebook. It was a project I had with another member on here but it fell through. Instead of it sitting there, I need to perhaps put it up as a training resource like that no other besides Kyle has used.

It is so large that putting it into a format as used by the episodes used in the BootCamp and Entrepreneur Certification Course would be the only way.

I got your email. I will have it up today if you would like to chat later :)

wtbee2013 Premium
It takes humble people to admit that there is a problem in this area. but as soon as they admit it then they can get a handle on it. Right. I hope the people that need help in this come by and read this. Good one as usual.

God bless
Thanks Kymee. This is an error a lot of people wind up doing. It's easy to see the value of having several websites but they don't see the work that goes behind them. For years, I put up websites without the campaigns. The first several sites I had up, I had no idea what a campaign, keywords, or any other aspect of real Internet marketing was all about. To this day, some of these sites are still up but unused today.

Others I have refurbished. One of these is a personal website I had created which contained my earliest writings on the Internet.

At Jay's advice, the site is now the only one I have that has made me money. It is now my WA campaign.