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We all know WA has officially launched Generatepress Free Version on all its SiteRubix sites, and WordPress also launched Gutenberg and in the coming days it’s going to become the default editor.

From the last few WAbinars, Jay also recommends practicing Gutenberg and becoming familiar with its editorial section.

In the last WAbinar, Jay showed how to create a landing page in Generatepress.


Honestly, I always found it very difficult to create landing pages for some or the other reasons. But I started practicing landing pages with Gutenberg, and surprisingly it’s quite easy to build landing pages with the help of Gutenberg blocks.

It took me a few hours to build a landing page in free Generatepress with the help of Gutenberg, but once you get the hold of it, you will create the next landing page in significantly less time.

Premium Generatepress gives you many more customization options, but I have created this landing page in free Generatepress theme so that even Starter members of WA, create stunning landing pages without any plugin.

I have only installed GenerateBlocks by Tom Usborne, creator of the Generatepress. It has many useful blocks that can be used while creating landing pages but most of them are similar to Gutenberg. One block that I found really useful is “Container”. By using this block, you assure a fixed format for every block and you get a ton of customization options particularly for adding colours to your landing paage.

I also tried to format my landing page without the “Container” block, it doesn’t work when I uploaded a YouTube video. Its gone full width and becomes somewhat overwhelming.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any coding knowledge and no technical background:) Just trying to figure out how Gutenberg works:))

Sharing my “Aha” moment

But still, I was not able to figure out how to adjust the “Button” in Gutenberg, it sticks to the left alignment and beyond a certain degree, you can’t increase the button size.

So before we start, I want to share a resource from which I take the inspiration and build my landing page.

It’s not an affiliate link, I am sharing this link because it has many landing page templates, from which we can take some great ideas.

Now I am sharing my landing page which I have created on my demo website Yoga For Kids, and I use this demo site for experimentation.


Now let me show you, how easy it is to create a landing page in Free Generatepress without any page builder.

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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great training thank you very much for sharing
jivitajay Premium Plus
My pleasure Lisa:)
jhoecannon Premium
Your link to "Get the Free Trial" does not work when I click it. Is it working for everybody else?
jivitajay Premium Plus
I hope, when you join Mailerlite, you will be enrolled in their 14-day premium feature:)
Triblu Premium
Thank YOU Shubhaangi, for sharing this.

I have been sooo reluctant to even try Gutenberg, as I feel it is tying my hands behind my back, forcing me to forget the coding that I learned back long before WordPress days.

Sounds like I need to setup a test site and get to work learning to use Gutenberg, especially if the Classic Editor plugin developer ever decides to desert that plugin.

Time to get my feet wet, huh. Thanks again!
jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Trish for stopping by.
Since you know to code, I know you will not face any problem:)
Thanks to WA, we have a Siterubix platform to practice our skills.
mybiz4u Premium
Thnx so much, S. Very nicely done...now I must give it a shot! Hope you are doing well.
jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Michelle for stopping by.
Actually I was very reluctant to try Gutenberg, but from the last few WAbinars, Jay was insisting it.
Give it a try, not that hard:)
linta Premium
Great stuff and detailed teaching.
Personally I dont use Gutenberg block as I also find it a bit confusing. Therefore I create landling page with Elementor (free) or visual composer instead. Your post is definitely a good reference for anyone want to use Gutenberg to create a landing page!

All the best,
jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Lin for stopping by. yes, with Generateblock plugin, you can create a nice looking landing page:)