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Added May 02, 2018
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This is a quick overview that walks you through the process of creating a website here at Wealthy Affiliate.

It takes me literally 30 Seconds to create a fully functional, Wordpress website!

Starter Members = 2 Free Websites (on domain)

Premium Members = 50 Websites (25 free website and 25 on your OWN Domains)

Hope you enjoy this video. Easy website creation at it's finest, not to mention all websites at Wealthy Affiliate are hosted on the most secure, reliable, and powerful managed Wordpress hosting platform in the world.

For more perspective of the quality of the "state of the art" hosting platform you get here at WA, check out the following details page:

Wealthy Affiliate - Managed Wordpress Hosting Details

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maggone Premium
I currently have a website that I created through wix. Is it possible to take the basic theme I created, recreate it in the rubix platform then port it over to my domain that I purchased. I already have the site up an it is published but under construction. And I have masked the wix site with my domain.
I would like to keep my theme and what content I have created if possible, but it seems you have a far superior web platform to operate from.
Purple09 Premium
Hi. I am kerone. New member. I have my own blog website on wordpress. I am using host gator. Can I transfer my domain to wealth affiliates? I am using the optimizer theme. I would like to try the premium as I offersaid support and training . Am a newbie to website building. .thanks
Labman Premium Plus
Yes, you can transfer a Wordpress website to WA hosting as long as you are Premium member.
TheNetwork16 Premium
Yes you can easily transfer your website to WA hosting.
Steve1958 Premium
Hi there...just saw your post...if you go to this lesson you will learn how to shift your site to's pretty easy but if you have any trouble please let me know...

Zoeamandalin Premium
You will be pleased to know you sure can. X
Paxina Premium
I have just created my website and I cannot tell you how excited I am. At first I was getting frustrated as I couldn't quite follow (due to my fear of technical processes) but when I took my time to folIow the instructions slowly and carefully I got there. I have now started on my content.

Thanks Kyle
Thans Kyle for your explanation in the above video it realy gives an insight on how to create a website. However, I want to know if I create a website as a starter, can it be migrate to premium domine when I register as a premium member because it is obvious that premium members has greater advantages and benefits than the starters or better still I should wait untill I register as a premium member before I create my website or can I create a website for practice? Looking forward for you usuall prompt answer.
salpasha Premium
I still need to start getting Traffic to send e-mails to. This is where I am struggling at the moment. So I have some questions for you:

1- I am not familiar yet with the design of a Website on my domain. But do I need a website to start my promotion campaign? Will I need one ever with WA?
2- Can I get Traffic/Subscribers without a Website?
Do I need to be on Premium before getting help on generating Traffic?
3- Can I send e-mails but not using my actual name, i.e. maybe using so called Pen Name? How can I do it without informing the subscriber, and without losing commission?

I am looking forward to receiving your responses to the above.
Lilika84 Premium
I would recommend to you to become premium before you try to figure out all these things any further. You'll get all of the answers in the next 30 lessons :)
I would like that I can help you, but I am still learning as well.
Let's try to help with what I might know:
1 - You need a site
2 - You can't get traffic subscribers w/out the website
3 - I am not sure, I think yes, but you will still need your site so that you have where to invite people

I hope this helps :)