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This training is a 13 video series of creating Alternative Authority Content. This is video number five: Create A Live Audio Show.

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Nkaujzeb Premium
Hey Anthony,

I'm not keen on using Youtube or any video but it's good to know that there are a variety of choices to take. Being on live or recorded. Thanks for sharing.
Anthonyhu Premium
You are right that there are so many different kind of tools for you to promote your business. Know them and pick the one your feel comfortable and you are the best at it. Good luck with your endeavors!
kenburgess70 Premium
Wow, never knew this existed! I have been told I have a face meant to be on radio with a voice to match! I may actually give this a shot as a way to do a Wealthy Affiliates website review....thanks for the idea!
Anthonyhu Premium
So nice to hear that you find this is the way for you to express yourself. Go ahead and you are going to roar!