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Have your completed your Account Set-up yet? If not, you should definitely take a minute to do so. In this quick video I walk you through the steps of setting up your Wealthy Affiliate account, how to add a description and image, and the benefits of doing so.

Having an account properly set up here (with image and profile description), will lead to much better communication within the community and can actually lead to 5x more support and followers here within the community.

If you have any issues with setting up your account, please do let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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I'm new to the community! I'm trying to figure out what purpose it serves to have multiple followers within the wealthy affiliate community? Does it directly affect your ability to generate income through affiliate marketing on your own personal website or is it more geared towards having a tight-knit community to help you create the best possible website, and in turn, yield you a better return?

I want to understand why it's recommended to create a more in-depth profile, with an about me description/profile picture, instead of focusing on creating custom content for your own niche website.

Thank you!
MozMary Premium Plus
Fawn, the profile and the follow thing are two different concepts:

The 'profile' doesn't have to be 'in depth' it is just a brief introduction so when you ask questions and interact the other members in here simply see who we are talking to, you will also see that people get to know each other a little, it is not impersonal, friendships can be formed in here. Also, for the bootcamp affiliate program a referral does need to sign up fully for someone to get commission on that.

You will get two different answers on the 'follow' aspect though, some will say it is important, I will say it is not. And you are 100% correct in that it will not help your income or website. If you read my blogs you will see I speak out about people getting caught up in all that and gaming the system for 'rank', but that is not why the system was set up and the whole rank thing will change just the way google keeps getting more selective in its algorithms.

The platform is not set up for a 'tight community' in my opinion, we are a mixed bunch, as someone said it is a business community with a social aspect [and some people get that the other way around in here] but it is a friendly place where people help more than you might expect.

The system trains newbies to advanced superaffiliates and you are going to see quite a mix of activity in here, because people have a lot of freedom, but you can just focus on the training and pop in and out to ask questions and interact when and if you like - which is always what I encourage people to do.

You will notice some members produce extra training, when you get to know who is who you might then want to follow them, for example members who produce good training or advice eg Nathaniell and many many others.
JonathanFL Premium
I'm kind of wondering the same thing, but I think that much like FB, if you take the time to flesh out a proper network you'll find like minds and perhaps new business partners. Many horses pulling the same cart can get the cart up the hill faster.
Kyle Premium Plus
You can follow whoever you like, follow people that help you, follow you or that interest you.

It is up to you, those that you do follow you will be notified when they publish blog posts/questions here at WA. It is your way of networking with others and building your circle of friendships here within WA.

The greater the network you have, the quicker the help as well as they will be notified when you post questions, blogs, etc.

Hope this clarifies for both of you!
MozMary Premium Plus
it's worth getting to know people and interacting, there's a lot to learn, I learn a lot from reading blogs and questions, but a new person isn't obliged to do take on anything, it is a choice

I'm not saying ignore the system, but like you said there's a time factor and you will want to know which horses are pulling your direction when there are very many involved
Marcih Premium
Hi - I just signed up. I actually have a website already - one is live and I have another in the redesign stage. Unfortunately I am on vacation at the moment with my children and grandchildren so you may not be hearing much more from me for another week or so - should have thought of that when I signed up! Looks like I am going to miss my window of opportunity to ask questions! And god knows I have plenty of them!!
Kyle Premium Plus
Sure, no problem at all Marcella! Enjoy your vacation and when you get back, dig into the training here at WA. And of course if you have any questions in the meantime, please do let us know and we will be happy to help you out.

I know you are going to love the supportive and forward thinking community and platform here at WA!
I had actually set up the image and had written the description today the guide of training video. I saw the "4 Simple Steps!" notation at the top of the screen so I just did all 4 steps, if i want to change anything after watching the videos I guess I'll do it again.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, you are working ahead already. I can tell you are going to fit right in here and you are going to see your business evolve very quickly as you move forward through the training.
Skenski64 Premium
I had actually set up the image and had written the description yesterday without the training video. I saw the "4 Simple Steps!" notation at the top of the screen so I just did all 4 steps. Oh well, if i want to change anything after watching the videos I guess I'll do it again.
can you explain to me how did you upload image. Thank
Hi! You should be able to just hit upload and pull a file from somewhere (desktop, downloads, documents...wherever you have a pic) on your computer.