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Have your completed your Account Set-up yet? If not, you should definitely take a minute to do so. In this quick video I walk you through the steps of setting up your Wealthy Affiliate account, how to add a description and image, and the benefits of doing so.

Having an account properly set up here (with image and profile description), will lead to much better communication within the community and can actually lead to 5x more support and followers here within the community.

If you have any issues with setting up your account, please do let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Great video - I will admit I only have one sentence under my profile description - I'm a little gun shy I guess and I always have a hard time figuring out what the heck to write on profile descriptions! Anyway, I'm still finding my way around but I'm hopeful that I'm in the right place! I've been searching online for a while now and I'm so excited to find a place that seems to be filled with lots of useful information and friendly people. :-)
Kyle Premium Plus
One sentence is completely fine, add whatever you like to your description and you can always update this information down the road Tanya.
I listened to the video about selecting pictures. I really wanted to keep my yellow smiley face as the front picture, but after hearing the video, I decided it might not put out the professionalism I desired. But it's one of my logos. You guys been on here a long time. What should I do? I don't want to be professional all the time. I wanna be lighthearted once and a while. I'm a newbie.
Roberta7 Premium
Yes I agree have some fun. You have a blog if you wish to blog to have fun with.
billyghawaii Premium
The image represents that you can be a professional. Your verbal and textural communication will reveal your true character and it should be flexible to match the present situation you are in. You are right... sometimes too professional attitude might viewed as a lawyer like, cunning and deceptive? (not all) Yes, people will relate to the character you portray. In live situations, find out if you can about the person you're about to meet family, hobbies., kids sports etc... and make small talk about that to break the ice.

If you visit someone in their home or office.. look at the pictures on the desk and walls. start small talk to break the ice.
MylesFleming Premium
HI all ,

Setting up your account is very easy and I enjoyed it. I can see from other profiles that people over time have developed and expanded upon their interests while I kept mine simple for now. I'm thinking as I learn more I can indulge more of what I want to make my business. If still have no idea as to what my niche is but I believe with good company and plenty to learn here this is a great place start.
MissTcup Premium
guess I'm confused i have watched the videos and checked out the premium membership. It shows i haven't completed all four tasks. As i have... Also at this time, Unfortunately i am in a financially awkward state... But as soon as its not awkward i will upgrade... I just hope its before my limit is up.. I can only pray, have faith and hope...
mbaochaben Premium
Did you check the task completed box?
Kyle Premium Plus
Continue working through the training and taking action on it. You don't have to upgrade at this point, you can do so at any point you like.

Within the first 10 lessons you are going to have the foundational building blocks of your website all set up and ready to go, from there you will be off and running for a much longer and more successful journey online.

Upgrade at your own pace and what makes the most sense to you!
MissTcup Premium
Thank you, and yes, I did, and that was the problem... lol
MissTcup Premium
Thanks Kyle. What I am wondering is when I create my webpage before I go premium, what domain do I use? and then when I upgrade can I then pick a domain? or how does that work.
BBradshaw Premium
The first month is 19.00, it took me 2 months of looking at other possibilities and now I am thinking, I will worry about it later. The cost is low considering the other programs I looked into. Some were 100's right away, while others were thousands with the option of monthly payments. Don't believe me, look into it yourself.

BTW, I am doing contracting customer service that only pays when someone takes action. I have been working with no earnings. Lets pray for each other.