Using the Private Message page

When you have clicked on the Contact User Privately in Live Chat, you will be directed to this page:

Type the name of the member you are wanting to send the private message to in the area marked with the A

And then Click the Add Button below it; marked B.

Give your message a Subject, in the block marked C

Then type your message in the message block.. You can format it with bold, italics,or underlining as well as adding an image and a few other functions if you need to.

Once you have finished your message, press the Send button below the text block.

*Note: Please note that you will not be able to Private Message either Kyle or Carson if you are on the 10 Day trial. You can however PM them if you are a full paying member and get personal support from them directly (I have done so on several occassions!).

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hello there im excited to turn me and my husbands life around, we need a big change to support our life!
mama2ja Premium
Hi all, just signed up for the 10 day free trial. Ready to learn all I can and put it all into action as soon as possible. Looking forward to all the help and support along the way. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!
Carson Premium Plus
Great tutorial! Interacting with others plays a big part of your success and is one of the most powerful parts of Wealthy Affiliate. Getting help when you need it...seems like a simple concept but it's not found anywhere else in this industry. This tutorial is going to be very helpful for people just getting started here at WA. Nice one David :)
fisheagle Premium
Thanks Carson, Appreciate the comment. The concept of a community that helps its members within the make money online industry is very rare, unless you pay me $1995, then I'll give you an hour of my time! Thanks for putting it al together.
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Thanks for the info, I must interact more as I usually stumble around on my own for a while trying to solve the answers. It would be quicker if I asked the community.
fisheagle Premium
Yes I would definitely encourage you to be more involved with the community, it will definitely help you grow your business!
Kyle Premium Plus
Communication is integral to a great learning environment. You touched on many of the ways to communicate here and I do think this will be helpful for newcomers. Nice work on this training David!